Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Beat Singe

By the time you reach Single in Remnant: From the Ashes, you’ve already gone through some tough fights. This one takes it up a notch. Beating Singe opens the way to the game’s second major area, Rhom, but getting through it is not easy.

Before you take Singe on, make sure you have all the gear you need. The boss has ranged and melee attacks, and it summons swarms of melee attackers to back it up. One thing that’s consistent during the fight against Singe is fire. You should buy Hydro Coolant from Reggie in Ward 13 for 50 scrap apiece. Using one removes the burning status effect and increases your fire resistance by 30 percent for 10 minutes, making it invaluable during this fight.

Tips for fighting Singe

You want to keep your distance from the minions during this fight as much as possible. You’ll want to equip a powerful long-range weapon like the assault rifle and a quick-firing pistol like the SMG. Scrappers are going to prefer using their shotguns during the fight. However, getting close-range during this fight comes with a considerable risk of getting set on fire. Take the time to return to Ward 13 to upgrade your equipment before the fight.

Keep a close eye on your teammates during this fight. While you don’t want to clump up to be a target for Singe’s fire attacks, you don’t want to stray too far from each other. You want to stay close enough to pull enemies off each other and heal. This fight takes place in a large arena, and it’s easy to end up on opposite sides, unable to help each other.

The Singe boss arena has a few unique features: cover and puddles of oil. The cover comes in the form of cars and ruined buildings. You want to use it to your advantage because the cover protects you from Singe’s fireballs and fire-spray attacks. Unfortunately, it does not protect you from melee, and the powerful fire shockwave Singe uses later on in the engagement.

You and your teammates need to avoid the puddles of oil. Because Singe is all about fire damage, those oil puddles can quickly turn into flaming pits capable of burning down your health pool.

During the fight, aim for Singe’s chest where you see a bright yellow spot. This area is Singe’s weak spot, and hitting it deals significantly more damage against it. If you’re going for the alternate kill method, you’ll want to focus on the tail first. Doing enough damage to Singe’s tail will cut it off, awarding you a unique item at the end of the fight. At that point, you can switch to targeting its weak point to bring it down quickly.

Singe attacks and phases

As soon as the fight starts, Singe launches a volley of fireballs at your party. Usually, the cars directly in front of the entrance to the boss arena get caught in the first blast or two. You want to roll away and keep rolling if you’re ever not behind cover. Head to either the left or right side of the room and use the ruined buildings for cover, though Singe will usually give you a break before he starts his fire attacks again. Try to get close enough to do maximum damage with your weapons. Don’t get too close that you won’t be able to dodge away safely when the boss resumes its attacks.

By the time you’ve fired a few time, Singe has likely summoned a squad of Immolators. When these enemies take damage, they burst into flames and charge players to perform powerful melee attacks. You want to keep them at a distance. You only use melee against them only as a last resort.

The rest of the fight repeats this pattern. Singe alternates between fireball bursts and summoning Immolators. If any player gets too close to Singe, the boss turns its attention toward them, either using a sweeping fire spray attack or charging straight toward them for a melee attack. The charge attack is especially dangerous. Singe destroys any cover the player is hiding behind to get to them.

Throughout the fight, Singe breaks off from attacking to stand on its hind legs and roar. It’s gathering power, but it exposes its weak point. The whole party needs to converge on Singe and do as much damage as possible before it stops.

Once you’ve done significant damage to the boss, it will start using a new attack, briefly flying into the air then slamming down and shooting a shockwave of fire toward you. When Singe takes flight, there is a brief moment when you can target its weak spot. While you can hit it, you may find it’s not worth the risk.

Singe boss fight rewards

Once you take Singe down, you’re going to receive the Blazing Heart. You can use to craft the Spitfire handgun, which has the Flame-Thrower mod. If you cut off its tail first, you also get Dragon Links. Return to Ward 13, so you can turn that into the Smolder, a melee weapon with a burning effect.