Remnant: From the Ashes – How to Beat The Undying King


Remnant: From the Ashes is full of tough bosses, and The Undying King ranks up among the most challenging. If you’re trying to make progress and can’t bring him down, you can skip this fight and move to the next area by agreeing to do the task he asks you when you initially meet him. This option lets you bypass the fight entirely, or save it for later. If you’d rather dethrone him than help with his plans, prepare for a long battle where the tide can turn on you in an instant.

Starting the fight

The Undying King waits for you at the end of his throne room, flanked by four Vyr guards. You have to talk to The Undying King each time you start the fight. His guards attack as soon as the conversation ends. If you’re playing with a team, have your best close-range fighter talk to The Undying King so they can get some hits in at the start while ranged combatants fire from a distance.

Attacking Vyr in Remnant

As soon as the fight starts, the player initiating the talk needs to focus fire on the nearest Vyr guard to take them down. They then roll off the platform to the right to avoid fire from the guard’s companions. From there, they have a clear shot at the other guards. At least one of them is going to follow that player off the platform, giving them a brief window to take the Vyr out risk-free as they fall and recover. While that’s happening, the rest of the team focus on taking out the guards. They should not attack the Undying King until the room gets cleared.

Keep in mind that the Vyr guards have a robust area-of-effect attack in close range. Getting in close is a bad idea. Keep to a distance, if you can.

Clearing the room

Once the Vyr guards are gone, you have a moment to damage the boss before he summons more reinforcements. Keep your eyes on The Undying King during the fight because there’s a distinct spell he uses to summon in allies.

After the initial Vyr guards die, the Undying King summons two floating turrets. You’re going to want to use a powerful, close-range weapon to take them out quickly. If you don’t have one, put some distance between your character and the turrets to dodge their shots while attacking them. Getting hit by both turrets is enough to drop you.

While you’re dealing with the turrets, The Undying King may have already called in more Vyr guards. You’ll notice they came from the coffin-like pods on either side of the room. Again, focus fire on the guards before turning back to the boss, because causing enough damage forces him to enter his next phase and it can overwhelm you and your teammates. Keep this pattern up, getting shots in against the King when you can while quickly clearing the adds.

In addition to the staff-wielding Vyr, The Undying King can call in swarms of mutants who use fast melee attacks. While they go down much easier than the Vyr guards, they can easily overwhelm your party using numbers and speed. When they spawn in, use the Rattle Weed mod if you have it to keep them distracted. Any mod that lets you summon in allies is helpful during this phase to split them up, or using the flamethrower mod on the Spitfire weapon you can craft after beating Singe can thin the herd.

Dodging and damaging The Undying King

After the first wave of enemies gets cleared, there’s a chance the Undying King brings out two sickles. Get away from him when he summons them and be ready to dodge. He is going to leap toward you to unleash a flurry of strikes or pause for a moment, and then attack. It’s critical you time your dodge correctly during this phase. Rolling past him is more effective than going from him during this attack. Watch your health if you’re having trouble dodging his sickles.Remnant The Undying King

As the Undying King gets closer to death, his close-range attacks become more powerful. You need to watch him and monitor his moments, even if you’re focusing on additional enemies. Keep your distance from him, unless you’re sure he’s not attacking.

Throughout the fight, the Undying King will return to the platform where he started to recharge. While he’s walking back, use this time to heal, pop any consumables you need, and clear out enemies. Don’t take too long, though, because he’s regenerating health. He also does not attack while he heals. Have your allies start firing on him, keeping his health down.

Dethroning The Undying King

Eventually, you’re going to whittle The Undying King’s health down to near zero. It’s tempting to attack using everything you have when you see this, but he is the Undying King. When you drop his health to zero, he enters an extended recovery phase. It’s imperative to get yourself into the best shape you can at this point. Revive down allies, heal yourself, reload your weapons, and use ammo boxes if you need to and make sure to clear the room of enemies.

After a few seconds, he returns to life with a fraction of his maximum health. He also summons a swarm of enemies to his side. If you can manage it, the ideal place to start this phase is on the platform, which gives you a good vantage point to face the horde. If you have enough firepower, it’s entirely possible to blast through this final phase by focusing everything on The Undying King. This phase is a great time to use mods to distract foes. Take him down again, and this time, won’t get back up.

When you kill the Undying King, you gain The Undying Heart and a unique mod. The Undying Heart lets you craft the Ruin Weapon. The mod enables you to revive upon death. You also receive the Kingslayer trait, increasing your critical hit damage. You can now access the next world, Corsus.