Remnant: From The Ashes – Mods Tier List

Sometimes the difference between living and dying in Remnant: From The Ashes will boil down to your mods. Mods are special pieces of your gear that you attach to your weapons, then charge by damaging and killing enemies. When they are fully charged, you can use them to heal, cause damage, or create some other form of in-game effect to gain an advantage. In this article, we will rank the mods, starting with the S-Tier and then working our way down.

Remnant: From The Ashes – Mods Tier List


Mender’s Aura – Despite being something you can get very early in the game, this is incredibly powerful. A large area-of-effect heal can get your entire team of three back to full health, and leave you all open to still putting out damage while it happens.

Hot Shot – Another mod that you can get very early in the game, provides you with a 20% damage to bonus and can set targets on fire doing 10 damage a second for 10 seconds.

Hunter’s Mark – the last of the early game mods, this is pretty ridiculously OP. Increase your critical strike chance by 15% on any enemy within a 40-meter radius, allows you to see enemies through walls, and also works on your allies. Safe to say that none of the mods the classes start with should be ignored.

Breath of the Desert – This mod will cause particles to form around you that seek out enemies and do substantial damage. Causing 80 damage each, and inflicting Radiation status, this will help you chunk through any enemy in the game.

Flicker Cloak – would you like to triple the size of your health bar for 30 seconds? Because that is what this does. A shield will form around you that can absorb up to 200% of your max health and will last for 30 seconds. This is the potential to make boss fights trivial.

Skewer – Fires a large spike that deals 125 damage, does 300% stagger damage additionally, and also causes 150 bleeding damage over 15 seconds. Absolutely silly, to be honest.


Song of Swords – Projects a 20-meter aura that moves with the caster. All heroes standing within that aura have their damage dealt increased by 30%. Lasts for 30 seconds. This is particularly potent in boss fights.

Blink Token – Teleports the caster forward up to 13 meters and creates an electrical blast that deals 140 Shock damage within 3 meters. This is great for getting you out of tight spots and nuking ads.

Undying – After charge, if the caster dies, they will be revived with 33% health. The wielder will also take 25% less damage and be immune to Status effects for 10 seconds. This is a superb mod for solo players.

Howler’s Immunity – Projects a 20-meter aura that moves with the caster and reduces incoming damage to all heroes standing in the aura by 30% Lasts 30 seconds. Another great group mod. Combine with Song of Swords and Mender’s Aura to be able to work static nuke tactics in boss fights.

Explosive Shot – Fires an explosive round that upon detonation will deal up to 180 damage to enemies within 3.5 meters. I love this thing, superb for quick add clears, with enough single target damage to make a difference.


Mantle of Thorns – Reduces Melee damage taken from enemies by 50%, reflects 200% of Melee damage taken and reduces stagger on hit. Lasts 60 seconds. It works well, but the idea should be not to get hit at all.

Radioactive Volley – Fires a volley of 6 Radioactive projectiles that bounce off of the environment and deal 56 Radiation damage each. A great mod attached to a great weapon.

Veil of the Black Tier – Creates a 5-meter energy field that absorbs up to 300 incoming Ranged damage. Heroes standing inside the energy field can shoot outward. Another great mod if you like to try and burn bosses down as quickly as possible in a group.

Wildfire Shot – Shoots an arcing fireball that deals 40 Fire damage and ignites targets with the Burning effect within 1.9 meters, dealing 240 Fire damage over 15 seconds. I’m normally not sold on damage over time in games like this, but 240 Fire damage can do a lot of work against most bosses.


Gravity Core – Fires a concentrated gravity core which upon impact deals 50 damage and opens a black hole pulling enemies towards it for 5 seconds. Overflowing from the enemy drawn in, the black hole will become unstable and explode dealing 250 damage within 5 meters. This is a bit more fun than practical, but the high damage keeps it in the middle of the pack.

Rattle Weed – Shoots a projectile that spawns a Rattle Weed upon impact with 224 Health and draws aggro on all enemies within 10 meters. Lasts 10 seconds. You might get better use from this type of mod, but I prefer just wiping ads as they appear than bunching them up.

Seed Caller – Summons a Root Hollow minion with 150 Health that deals 56 damage per hit and lasts 30 seconds. Erratic damage holds this back.

Iron Sentinel – Summons a full automatic Turret that shoots at 5 rounds per second and deals 3 damage per hit. Lasts 20 seconds. Fun, but limited unless you are in a boss fight, and there are better mods to take to a boss fight than this one.

Flame Thrower – Spews flames that will ignite targets with the burning effect dealing 150 Fire damage over 10 seconds. Just awkward all around. Fire damage is a little too low for my liking.

Hive Shot – Fires a hive projectile that deals 20 damage upon impact within 2.5 meters and releases a cloud of deadly insects.

Storm Caller – Conjures an electrical storm centered around the caster which unleashes lightning strikes that deal 40 Shock damage to nearby enemies within 35 meters. Lasts 12 seconds. Erratic damage doesn’t add much to fights.

Banish – Fires a projectile that banishes the target into another dimension for 8 seconds. When they return, they’ll take 1.5x the damage from the primary fire of the Repulsor weapon for 10 seconds. I value this more for the damage buff than the banishing aspect.


Tentacle Shot – Launches a projectile which will spawn a tentacle upon impact. The tentacle will attack nearby enemies dealing 60 Shock damage per hit. Lasts 30 seconds. Just not a very good mod.

Swarm – Unleash insects that will seek after enemies within 20 meters and repeatedly attack dealing 5 Corrosive damage per hit. Lasts 20 seconds. Suffers from the usual summons issues.

Static Field Shot – Fires a projectile that deals 40 Shock damage and applies the Overloaded effect. Overloaded enemies will explode when they get close dealing 200 Shock damage within 4.5 meters blast radius. I generally dislike anything that turns enemies into walking bombs.

Corrosive Aura – Projects a 10-meter aura that moves with the caster. Enemies which enter the aura are Corroded, reducing their defense by 20%. Lasts 30 seconds. Just outdone by much better damage buff mods.

Spore Shot – Fires an explosive round that upon detonation deals 50 rot damage to all enemies within 2.6 meters and will leave a deadly gas cloud that lasts for 7 seconds. Low damage and low effectiveness.

Beckon – Summons a Wasteland Skull which shoots projectiles that deal 15 damage per hit. Lasts 60 seconds. The damage is just too low compared to others, suffers from the erratic damage output that all summons suffers from.