Remnant: From the Ashes — Where to Find Simulacrum


The Simulacrum is a very rare resource in Remnant: From The Ashes. It is used to upgrade the Dragon Heart, the source of most of you healing in the game. Each time you upgrade it, you will get one additional heal from your Dragon Heart.

You also use Simulacrum to upgrade weapons and armor to max level, so tracking down a few of them will be important.

Remnant: From the Ashes — Where to Find Simulacrum

The Simulacrum can spawn in each of the games four worlds. It can spawn anywhere, either on the ground in a dungeon, in the overworld, or it can drop from a high-level enemy. The only real way to get them is to grind the map, making sure you check everywhere.

The good news is that you can also find them in other peoples games, and can re-roll your own game to reset the world and find more if you are struggling. Joining public games and playing with other people is a great way to find a lot of Simulacrum. The more players there are in a game, the easier and quicker it is to search the map and track them down.

And that’s it. There honestly isn’t much to say about this resource due to the random nature of the spawns and the fact that it can be tied to a dungeon, the overworld, or a powerful enemy. If you want to collect a lot of them, make sure you are playing in a lot of other people’s world, and you will rack up an excellent supply in no time.