Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat The Harrow

The Harrow in Remnant: From The Ashes is one of those boss fights you know is easier if you paused to think about it. With multiple ads, Harrow itself, exploding radiation pipes, and the multi-level room you fight in, it feels a little confusing in the middle of it. The good news is that I have suffered this pressure, and have plenty of tips to put down this monster.

The Harrow also has a habit of scurrying off and letting the ads do the work. But don’t be fooled. He does return.

Remnant: From The Ashes – How To Beat The Harrow

The fight opens with the Harrow walking towards you. During this, pump him full of as much damage as you can. When he gets close, he starts swinging at you with an impressive range. Roll left or right, and back up a bit when he starts to do this. Harrow tends to smash the pipes in the wall, so stay clear when radiation starts to flood the hall. Make your way through the hall, and do not go downstairs.

Instead, circle around to the room Harrow starts in, and start hitting him with more damage. Keep your distance and continue to rolls. Once Harrow has had enough, he climbs a wall to scurry off. You’re going to fight plenty of ads during this point. They are dangerous, hit hard, and they can explode. You need to focus on taking them out from a range. There are too many of them to risk much melee action here.

If you have the Sporebloom (built from an item you get after killing the Ent), this is the fight to use it in. You can charge up the Mod quickly and shut down the room’s entrances with damaging clouds, making it much easy to take out the ads. Harrow will continue returning as you clear the ads, so damage him as much as you can when he shows up. He has no apparent weak spot and does occasionally rush you. The good news is that the games generous I-frames make dodging his swipes reasonably easy.

If you are playing in a group, you’re going to find it easier to solo this boss fight. The more teammates you have, the more ads appear to show up, making this fight easier to do alone.

The real key to the fight, either solo or with friends, is to not go into the hallways or downstairs once you enter the main room. The tunnels and angles give you too much of a disadvantage, making it easy to get trapped and swarmed.