Riot Games Sentinels of Light event – start dates, contents, and more

A five game event.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games are running yet another massive event across all their games. League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra, and League of Legends: Wild Rift players can all take part in the event, as different content will be coming to the various games at different times over the coming months.

A new champion will be released as part of the event, the recently revealed Akshan, who will be bringing ranged assassin shenanigans to all of Riot’s games except Valorant.

Akshan release dates

Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, is Riot’s first champion releasing across all League-universe games during the same event. He swings into the fight against Ruination with a sacred relic weapon, exacting vengeance on enemies and redeeming fallen allies. Akshan releases on the following dates (PT):

  • Legends of Runeterra on July 14
  • Teamfight Tactics on July 21
  • League of Legends on July 22 – including a Cyber Pop Akshan skin
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift on July 27 – including a Battle Academia Akshan skin

On top of the new champion enter all the League-related games, each Riot title will have its own special celebrations of the Sentinels of Light event.

League of Legends (July 8 – Aug 10)

An in-client story experience, “Rise of the Sentinels”, gives players a way to experience League’s story through the eyes of a rookie member of the Sentinels as lasting change comes to the world of Runeterra. 

  • Players will travel across Runeterra to recruit new allies and battle against Viego. 
  • Rise of the Sentinels releases in weekly chapters and players complete in-game missions to progress through it.
  • Rise of the Sentinels is free to play, so players can fully experience the story without having to pay.

11 new, in-canon skins showcase champions as they appear in Rise of the Sentinels:

  • July 8: 
  • Sentinel Vayne (Legendary), Sentinel Olaf, Sentinel Irelia, Sentinel Riven, and Sentinel Diana
  • Ruined Pantheon
  • July 22:
  • Sentinel Graves (Legendary), Sentinel Pyke, and Sentinel Rengar
  • Ruined Miss Fortune
  • July 29:
  • Unbound Thresh (Event shop exclusive for initial launch)

An event-exclusive Ascended Pantheon Prestige Edition skin depicts an alternate timeline where the human spirit inside Pantheon overcomes Ruination. Ultimate Spellbook, League’s first new event game mode since 2018, releases during Sentinels of Light! Each player gains a second champion’s Ultimate ability to use throughout the game in addition to their own.

League of Legends: Wild Rift (July 8 – Aug 10)

Wild Rift’s Sentinels of the Light will involve an in-game narrative experience where players can meet and bond with Lucian, Senna, Riven, Irelia, Vayne, and Akshan.

  • Starting with Lucian and Senna, new characters will join the HQ experience over the course of the event (Vayne – July 13; Riven and Irelia – July 19; Akshan – July 27)
  • By playing matches, players will increase their Sentinel Bonds, learning more about each champ’s backstory and motivations to join the cause.
  • The stronger the Bonds players forge, the higher their overall Sentinel HQ level becomes. Strengthening Bonds and increasing the HQ level award themed items: featuring baubles, spawn tags, and one of the 6 featured champs for free.

Throughout the Wild Rift ecosystem, players can learn more and get involved in the overall story:

  • Sentinels of Light: Steadfast Heart, a series of comics featuring the Sentinels of Light joining forces to fight against the Ruined King and the Black Mist, will be released throughout the event, available to read every week in the Wild Rift app or on
  • A unique AR experience invites players to explore a Sentinel Outpost and take the Oath of Light to become Sentinels themselves, available online now.
  • More surprises await amid the Black Mist…

A host of new in-game canon content will be released throughout July and August:

  • July 8 – Lucian, Senna
  • July 27 -Akshan and new skins: Sentinel Irelia, Sentinel Riven, Sentinel Vayne, Ruined Draven, Ruined Miss Fortune, Ruined Shyvana

Legends of Runeterra (July 14 – Aug 10)

Legends of Runeterra will be getting its second Champion Expansion, a new Event Pass, and new personalization items.

  • LoR’s second Champion Expansion: In the vein of the Aphelios Champion Expansion released in February, a mini expansion featuring Viego & Akshan, along with 21 other new collectible cards featuring followers, spells, and landmarks focused around the Ruination and the Sentinels of Light.
  • “Declare Your Allegiance” Event Pass: Players will choose between either the Ruined or Sentinels Event Pass, earning thematic rewards for their side based on who they ally with.
  • Players can’t switch sides once they’ve made a choice, but after collecting all of their side’s rewards, players will then start to collect rewards from the opposing side (with the exception of a few exclusive items).
  • A non-canon metagame event will also track how much support each side has. At the end of the Sentinels of Light event, all participating players will receive an in-game reward based on the winning side (regardless of which one they allied with).
  • New personalization items: LoR’s Sentinels of Light event launches with a Sentinels HQ-themed Board, as well as Ruined & Sentinels Guardians, Card Backs, Emotes, and 7 new in-canon champion skins:
  • Sentinel Irelia (includes a new level-up animation)
  • Sentinel Diana
  • Sentinel Riven
  • Ruined Shyvana
  • Ruined Karma
  • Ruined Draven
  • Unbound Thresh

Teamfight Tactics (July 21)

Join the forces of Order and continue the fight against Chaos Pengu in Teamfight Tactics Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes to kick the Black Mist out of the Convergence once and for all. The Teamfight Tactics Reckoning Mid-set update will include: 

  • Radiant Items and all-new blessings replace Shadow Items 
  • Radiant Items are extremely powerful versions of their base counterparts limited to one per-player, so choose wisely. 
  • Radiant Blessings are granted to players when they drop below 40 health to help get them back in the fight. They can include champions, items, gold, spatulas, and consumables.
  • New Champions, Origins, and Classes, including the Sentinels Origin and Akshan
  • Sentinels
  • Olaf
  • Senna
  • Irelia
  • Pyke
  • Rakan
  • Galio
  • Lucian
  • Akshan
  • A New Set Pass complete with Arenas, Booms, Order Pengu, and more.
  • Sentinel Hauntling, Craggle, and Flutterbug Little Legends


During the event, Valorant players will have a chance to purchase two themed weapon skin bundles, Ruination and Sentinels, at different times in July. In-game maps will tease/promote the event with themed billboards and Valorant influencers bring back “flat lays” for both skins.

  • July 8: Ruination Bundle: Melee, Phantom, Ghost, Spectre, Guardian
  • Ruination Weapon Skin Bundle including a custom melee (Blade of the Ruined King), 3 variant colors (also on the melee), and accessories (Gun Buddy, Spray, Card)
  • July 21: Sentinels of Light Bundle: Melee, Vandal, Operator, Sheriff, Ares
  • Sentinels of Light Weapon Skin Bundle including a custom melee (Relic of the Sentinel), 3 variant colors (also on the melee), and accessories (Gun Buddy, Spray, Card)