Risk of Rain 2: All Bosses And What You Need To Know About Their Attacks


Much like the first release, Risk of Rain 2 is a game that’s all about the boss battles. Bombastic but never over the top and brimming with charm, the original presented some beautiful moments with the bosses on the show and its sequel is no different.

Each boss comes with the potential for Elite versions to appear, which are much more powerful and with a larger health pool. Approach these elites with extreme caution as it’s possible that one wrong move could go as far as killing you within seconds. These elite variants have a higher chance of appearing depending on the time you’ve taken so far in the current run, and therefore the difficulty level increased, so the faster you can take each boss down and complete a level, the less likely you are to encounter an elite.

These are the boss battles you can currently expect to encounter in Risk of Rain 2 and what you need to know about their attacks.

All Bosses In Risk of Rain 2

Beetle Queen

Beetle Queen

The Beetle Queen has two attacks that you will need to be mindful of.

First, she will spit large blobs of acid at the player, causing damage on impact and will leave a pool on the floor which causes more damage when stepped in.

  • Base Health: 2100 (+630 per level)
  • Damage: 25 (+5 per level)

Second, she will shoot out a group of flying insects towards the players. This will penetrate the Engineers Bubble Shield, and they won’t de-spawn without beating them, so shooting these down should be a priority. Furthermore, the swarm will be surrounded by an aura that plays must avoid to stop them from receiving an attack speed debuff. This debuff will stack up to 10 times, so avoiding this will be vital to taking the Beetle Queen down.

She can also from time to time summon a group of Beetles to the location of the players, so watch out for them too.

Stone Titan

Stone Titan

The Stone Titan, similar in look to the Colossus from the original, has three different attacks:

First, it will perform a ground pound, which will force rocks up from underneath the ground close to the player and cause a big area of effect damage. Not only this, but it will launch you into the air, leaving you vulnerable to further attacks.

  • Base Health: 2100 (+630 per level)
  • Damage: 40 (+8 per level)

Second, floating rocks above the Stone Titan will periodically fire lasers at the players which you must dodge to avoid taking large amounts of damage.

Finally, keep a close watch on its central eye as this will charge up before unleashing a huge beam towards the player, dealing devastating damage over time if not avoided.

Killing a Stone Titan from a portal can earn the player a Titanic Knurl, great for boosting health and health regeneration so this option of the boss is one of the most rewarding.

Wandering Vagrant


A returning boss from the first game, the jellyfish-like Wandering Vagrant has three attacks.

First, it can launch six fast-moving orbs of energy towards the player, causing damage when coming into contact with you.

  • Base Health: 2100 (+630 per level)
  • Damage: 6.5 (+1.3 per level)

Second, it launches a much bigger singular orb that you can target with your weapons. This will move slower but cause a much bigger amount of damage if you get too close and allow it to explode.

Finally, the Nova attack charges up a large explosive area of effect attack that will surround the Vagrant and deals massive amounts of damage if the player is inside of it once it explodes. This is the most dangerous of the Vagrant’s attacks, and we recommend keeping your distance on it to avoid unnecessary death.

Imp Overlord

Imp Overlord

Another returning boss, the Imp Overlord will appear in either the Rallypoint Delta or Abyssal Depth stages and has the following three attacks:

First, the Imp Overlord can teleport from one place to another, dealing large area damage if you are in the vicinity of its reappearing location.

  • Base Health: 2800 (+840 per level)
  • Damage: 16 (+3.2 per level)

Second, a melee swipe targeted at players within melee range will deal significant damage to those not able to dodge it. Dodging away from the boss as soon as it looks like it’s coming will minimise taking this unnecessarily.

Finally, spikes will be thrown towards the player at pace, causing damage if one hits you. If not, they will stick in the ground for a time, and the player must avoid coming into contact with them to avoid any damage.

Clay Dunstrider

Clay Dunestrider

The Clay Dunestrider like many of the others will come at the player with three attacks.

The first, the Dunestrider will open up its pot and launch several small bombs towards the player in quick succession, exploding and dealing damage.

  • Base Health: 2100 (+630 per level)
  • Damage: 20 (+4 per level)

The second involves standing tall on its legs and unleashing a much bigger bomb that will roll towards the player and deal large amounts of damage if you can’t avoid the explosion.

If you are close enough to the Dunestrider for its final ability, it will grab you along with any enemies in the area and drag you into its pot. Every target inside the pot will have its health sapped to regenerate the Dunestrider. Meanwhile, it will have significantly more armor while using the ability so be prepared for a lengthy battle if lots of characters are taken in by it.

Magma Worm

Magma Worm

Once again from the original, the Magma worm will also only show up in the latter stages of any run and has two different attacks to look out for.

First, the Magma Worm will move continuously, and as it does, it will dive in and out of the ground. The area that it dives into and the one that it emerges from will erupt with fireballs, causing big damage to any players not quick enough to avoid it.

  • Base Health: 2400 (+720 per level)
  • Damage: 10 (+2 per level)

Secondly, it will also drive towards the player sticking roughly at ground level, diving in and out of the ground. This will crush any players in the way, so this should be avoided at all costs.

This is one of the more intimidating regular bosses in the game, so using the knowledge above will be vital to ensuring you can survive the Magma Worm without taking too much damage.

Overloading Worm

Overloading Worm

Very similar to the Magma Worm, as you can see from the health and damage the Overloading Worm is a much more powerful version of the Magma Worm, but its appearance is far rarer. It is not an elite version of the Magma Worm either, so be aware that there is a potential to come across an elite version of the Overloading Worm.

  • Base Health: 12000 (+3600 per level)
  • Damage: 10 (+2 per level)

The abilities of this boss mirror that of the Magma Worm with one exception, where diving in and erupting out of the ground will emit bolts of lightning instead of the usual fireballs. These bolts are devastating and making sure you avoid them is a must if you want to survive this fight.


  • Base Health: Unknown
  • Damage: 40 (+8 per level)

Aurelionite is a unique boss that will only appear on the Guilded Coast environment. It’s incredibly powerful, and its abilities are similar to that of the Stone Titan boss.

It does not appear as a boss by conventional means. There is a special way to activate it, and should you wish to attempt it, our guide on the Golden Orb and Statues will provide you with how, and some tips on beating this challenging behemoth.