Risk of Rain 2 – How To Unlock The Abandoned Aqueduct Hidden Chamber

If you have been playing Risk of Rain 2, you will have noticed a massive tunnel that is blocked by a gate on the Abandoned Aqueduct stage. This hidden chamber can be opened, and within it is a fun and challenging boss fight. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock the Abandoned Aqueduct Hidden Chamber.

How To Unlock Abandoned Aqueduct Hidden Chamber


To open up that giant gate, and get access to the sweet boss fight that lurks within, you need to find some buttons. These buttons can spawn randomly, I have found them in several different locations around the map at this point. They will almost always be gently hidden behind a rock, as shown in the picture above.

How To Unlock The Abandoned Aqueduct Hidden Chamber in Risk of Rain 2 (Solo)

A puzzling one that will require you to either be the Engineer on a solo player run or use your friends. There are two switches that spawn in the map in various locations and you need to step on both of them at once to unlock the door.

Now, the trick here is that two buttons will spawn, and both need to be pressed at the same time to open the door. In multiplayer, you can get a friend or fellow player to help you out, but in single player, you will need to get inventive. It is entirely possible to roll one of the many pots in the level onto the button. As an Engineer main, I have a much more simple solution. Just spawn a turret and place it down on the button. Just further proof of the superiority of the Engineer! Just use a turret or pot to keep one pressed, then stand on the other one. This will open the gate! You can see what to do in the video that Adam put together for us above.

Keep in mind; these buttons can spawn pretty far apart, so you might need to do a lot of searching to find them.

Death Do Us Part

Once you get into the hidden chamber, you will find two bosses that you need to fight. They are tough and can put out a huge amount of damage. If you are playing with others, ping the bosses using the Mouse 3 button. This way your fellow players can help you. Once you defeat them, there is boss loot to be had, and the Death To Us Part achievement will be unlocked!

Now you know how to unlock the Abandoned Aqueduct Hidden Chamber, and get the Death To Us Part achievement! Best of luck in the boss fight, you will need it!