Risk of Rain 2 – Find the Altar to N’kuhana


The Altar to N’kuhana. Its name is whispered on the internet, as the Survivors of Risk of Rain 2 try desperately to track it down and learn its secrets. In this guide, we show you everything you need to know to find it and unlock this Achievement.

How To Find The Altar to N’kuhana

Wetlands Secret Tunnel Entrance

The Altar to N’kuhana can only be found in the Wetlands level of Risk of Rain 2. Now, as far as I can tell the Wetlands can sometimes be the second level of any run in Risk of Rain 2. Whether you go here or not seems to be down to a bit of RNG. As such, keep playing the game until you end up teleporting to the Wetlands.

Once you get there, you are looking for a large L-shaped platform that juts out over a cliff. The easiest way to find this is to just walks all around the edge of the map. Due to the random nature of the spawn point, it is impossible to give directions to it. Thankfully, the map is not huge, and finding it should be pretty quick.

Now for the tough bit, you want to fall off the edge of this platform, and land in the entrance to the tunnel shown above within the red circle. It is tricky to do but is made much easier depending on your items pickups. The item that gives extra jumps is obviously hugely helpful. Some Survivors will also have an easier time with this one. Huntress can simply drop down and dash into the tunnel. That said, I managed it on my tubby little Engineer, so you should be fine.

Secret Tunnel

Once you get down here, run down the tunnel. It is pretty much the opposite of road safety rules in here. When the light is red, you can speed along, but when it turns green, you probably want to start walking. You will reach a chamber filled with green light, with a strange floating skeleton in the center of it. Shoot it, don’t worry as it doesn’t try to hurt you, and you will get the Her Concepts achievement! Now, drop down into the hole, and you will be teleported back to the surface.

If you find videos helpful, Adam put together this little run showing you how to get to it!