Risk of Rain 2: What Are Broken Radio Scanners


There are plenty of little secrets in Risk of Rain 2, such as how some of the new Mountain Shrines work or the different portals showing up through each level. One of the neater little secrets revolves around the broken radio scanners. While they may not send you straight to the last level of the game, they do provide you with plenty of neat items to add to your collection. However, part of acquiring them is partially on luck, so you may not want to have Risk of Rain 2 runs entirely devoted to locating them.

Broken Radio Scanners

What Do They Do?

Broken Radio Scanners are a randomly spawned item you can find. They show up on a stage, and when you approach them, you’re going to have the option to repair them. Repairing them costs a great deal of money, so you may have to grind through the level a little bit before you can fix the object.

After you’ve repaired it, you’re going to gain an environment log, and you’ll add it to your collection. These radio scanners are not the only way to acquire environment logs. There are other ways you can do so. However, you’re most of the environment logs in the game are going to be found through this method. There’s plenty of luck involved in finding these radio scanners, so if you want to search the entire level for them, make sure you don’t stay too long.

Where Do You Find Them?

They randomly spawn in any stage. You might find yourself lucky and locate one on the first stage. However, you’re going to have to get pretty lucky for this to happen. A majority of the time it’s going to happen later on in the game, and you’re going to find yourself running away from hordes of enemies as you search for it. You may have to wait for the perfect storm to happen to acquire them or discover the character that best suits your playstyle.