Risk of Rain 2 – How To Discover And Activate 8 Unique Newt Altars

Risk of Rain 2 is filled with items, but some of them are locked away behind various challenges. The Soulbound Catalyst is a powerful Legendary Item that will reduce the cooldowns of your skills by 4 seconds. If you are lucky enough to find more than one, each stack will take another 2 seconds off your cooldown times.

How To Discover And Activate 8 Unique Newt Altars

Newt Altar

The most important thing here is to know what you are looking for. Newt Altars are small blue rocks with light blue spikes coming from them. They can spawn at any level, in a range of locations.

The key word in this challenge is “unique,” as it seems that once you have activated a Newt Altar in one place, using that same Altar again on a different run will not count towards the challenge. This doesn’t mean the stage, just that specific spawn location within the stage.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Newt Altars require one Lunar Coin to activate. As these are a resource that you need to get your hands on the Artificer, you might want to decide which is more important to you.

The Newt Altars can also spawn in slightly strange, or hard to reach, places. For example, during the Abandoned Aqueduct stage, one can spawn on a hard to reach the ledge on the cliff just beside the massive sinkhole in that level. The good news is that their blue, spiky appearance makes them stand out. From a distance they can kind of look like items crates, so don’t be fooled by this!

Best of lucking find your eight unique Newt Altars!