Risk of Rain 2 Console Commands | Full List And How To Use Them


Risk of Rain 2’s console commands can be used to alter the game in various ways. You more than likely want a little bit of programming knowledge before you dive into these, or at the very least some experience with console command functions from other games. You can use the console commands in Risk of Rain to alter how many corpses can be on screen at once (this will have an impact on performance), turn damage numbers on and off, or set a new max FPS value.

You do want to be quite careful when messing around with these, and the best advice is usual to make numerical changes in small increments.

How To Use The Command Console

Now, to get access to the Command Console, take the following steps;

  • Launch Risk of Rain 2
  • press CTRL + ALT +`, you can find the ` button just below the ESC key on your keyboard.
  • Wait a few seconds for the Command Console to open.
  • Now, type “Help” in the command line, and you will get a full list of commands that will work in the game.

Console Commands List

Below, you can find a full list of the console commands that you can use in Risk of Rain 2. Mess around with these at your peril!

  • aim_stick_assist_max_delta: The maximum amount where the aim assist can track to. Default – 1.57
  • aim_stick_assist_max_input_help: The aim assist will add magnitude towards the target on the scale of 0-1 while strafing. Default – 0.2 (Cannot be used in Early Access Builds)
  • aim_stick_assist_max_size: The maximum size of the aim assist “white” zone which extends over your crosshair. Default – 3
  • aim_stick_assist_max_slowdown_scale: Adjusting your sensitivity scales while dragging over enemies. Default – 0.4
  • aim_stick_assist_min_delta: The minimum amount where the aim assist can track to. Default – 0
  • aim_stick_assist_min_size: The minimum size of the aim assist “white” zone which extends over your crosshair. Default – 1
  • aim_stick_assist_min_slowdown_scale: Adjusting your sensitivity scales while dragging over enemies. Default – 1
  • aim_stick_dual_zone_slope: The slope number for stick dual zone. Default – 0.4
  • aim_stick_dual_zone_threshold: The threshold limit for stick dual zone. Default – 0.9
  • aim_stick_exponent: The exponent while aiming from stick input. Default – 1
  • aim_stick_global_scale: The global sensitivity scale for stick aiming. Default – 1
  • aim_stick_smoothing: The smoothing number for stick aiming. Default – 0.05
  • anisotropic_filtering = Disable: The anisotropic filtering i.e. Disable by default and can be Enable or ForceEnable.
  • audio_focused_only: Audio mute settings while focusing. Default – 0
  • auto_simulate_physics: Disabling or Enabling Physics auto-simulate. Default – 1
  • ban_steam: Banning the user based on their unique steam id from the server.
  • body_generate_portraits: Generating portraits for all the bodies that are using the default.
  • body_list: Lists all character bodies.
  • chat_max_messages: Maximum number of chat messages that can be displayed. Default – 30
  • cheats: Enable cheats but disables your Achievements, Progress, and Trackings. Restart your application to revert back to normal. Default – 0
  • clear: Clears the console output.
  • client_set_players: Set and add network players for all local players. Debug only.
  • connect: Connect to a server.
  • connect_steamworks_p2p: Connect server while using Steamworks P2P.
  • console_enabled: Disabling or Enabling the console. Default – 1
  • corpses_disposal: The corpse disposal mode which allows you to choose from Hard and OutOfSight. Default – OutOfSight
  • corpses_max: The maximum number of corpses in vision. Default – 25
  • create_corrupted_profiles: Creates corrupted user profiles.
  • cvarlist: Lists all concommands and convars.
  • debug_aim_assist_visual_coefficient = 2: Debugs Visuals.
  • director_combat_disable: Disables all combat directors.
  • disconnect: Disconnect from the current server. Default – 0
  • dump_lobbies: n/a
  • dump_network_ids: Lists the network ids of all currently networked game objects.
  • dump_projectile_map: Dumps the map between indices and projectile prefabs.
  • ea_message_skip: Skips early access notification. Default – 0
  • echo: Echoes the given text to the console.
  • enable_damage_numbers: Displaying damage and healing numbers. Default – 1
  • exec: Executes a named config from the Folder.
  • export_controller_maps: Lists all rewired controller maps of the player.
  • export_default_controller_maps: Lists all the default rewired controller maps.
  • find: Explore or find all concommands and convars with its unique substring.
  • fps_max: Limiting your FPS to the max. Default -1(Unlimited)
  • gamemode: Select the game mode for the next run. Default – ClassicRun
  • gamma: Gamma boost, from -inf to inf. Default – 0
  • help: Display help text for concommand or convar.
  • host: Host a server.
  • hud_enable: Disabling or Enabling the HUD. Default – 1
  • hud_scale: Scaling HUD elements in-game. Default – 100
  • kick_steam: Kicks the user based on the unique steam id from the current server.
  • language: Select a language to display.
  • language_generate_tokens: Generates default tokens which are inserted into a JSON language file.
  • language_reload: Reload the current language.
  • master_texture_limit: Adjusts the texture quality. Max is “0” and reduces to half in every succession. For example- Max: 0, Half: 1, Quarter: 2 and so on. Default – 0
  • max_messages: Max numbers of messages stored in the console log. Default: 25
  • net_loglevel: Expansion of network log. Default – 2
  • net_p2p_debug_transport: Prints all P2P transfer information to the console. Default – 0
  • net_p2p_log_messages: Enables logging of network messages. Default – 0
  • pause: Toggles game to pause or resume.
  • ping: Displays your ping status of the current server.
  • pp_ao: Screen Space Ambient Occlusion postprocessing i.e. disabled by default. Disable/Enable – 0/1
  • pp_bloom: Bloom postprocessing i.e. enabled by default. Disable/Enable – 0/1
  • pp_motionblur: Motion blurring i.e. disabled by default. Disable/Enable – 0/1
  • pp_sobel_outline: Sobel rim light effect. Default – 1
  • pregame_start_run: Initiate pregame run.
  • print_local_users: Prints all the local users.
  • print_stats: Prints the current statistics of the user.
  • quit: Terminate the game
  • r_foliagewind: Choose for wind in foliage. Default- 1
  • r_lod_bias: Level of Detail(LOD) bias. Default – 2
  • r_lod_max: Limiting the LOD level to max value. Default – 0
  • r_shadows: Sets shadow quality from All, Disable and HardOnly. Default – All
  • r_softparticles: Disabling or Enabling soft particles. Default – 1
  • remove_all_local_users: Removes all local users.
  • resolution: Changing the resolution of the game window.
  • resolution_list: Lists all possible and supported resolutions for the current display.
  • resolution_scale: Scaling the resolution of the game window which is currently nonfunctional. Default – 1
  • rule_show_items: Enable voting on items in the pregame rules. Default – 0
  • rules_dump: Dump all the info regarding the rules.
  • run_end: Terminate the current run.
  • run_print_seed: Prints the current run seed.
  • run_print_unlockables: Prints all unlockables present in the current run.
  • run_scene_override: Overrides the scene to enter in a run.
  • say: Sends a text or chat message.
  • scene_list: Listing all available scenes.
  • set_scene: Set and change your scene.
  • set_vstr: Set the vstr to the specified value.
  • shadow_cascades: Number of cascades used (High/Low: 4/0). Default – 2
  • shadow_distance: The length or distance in meters to portrait shadows.
  • shadow_resolution: Select a default shadow resolution according to your display.
  • stage1_pod: Use the pod on the first stage. Default – 1
  • steam_get_p2p_session_state

    steam_id: Display your unique steam id.

  • steam_lobby_assign_owner

    steam_lobby_copy_to_clipboard: Copies the current active steam lobby to the clipboard.

  • steam_lobby_create



    steam_lobby_id: Displays the steam id of the current lobby.

  • steam_lobby_invite: Invite the player using their unique steam id to the current lobby.
  • steam_lobby_join


    steam_lobby_open_invite_overlay: Open the steam lobby overlay to the friend invite menu.

  • steam_lobby_print_data: Prints all current data of the lobby.
  • steam_lobby_print_list: Prints the list of the lobbies from the previous plays.
  • steam_lobby_print_members: Display all the list of the current members present in the lobby.
  • steam_lobby_update_player_count: Force refresh in the lobby for player count.
  • steam_quickplay_start


    steam_remote_storage_list_files: Lists all the files of steam remote storage.

  • steam_server_print_info

    sv_listen: The server will accept connections from other players. Default – 1

  • sv_maxplayers: Set the maximum number of players in a lobby. Default – 4
  • sync_physics: Disable or Enable the physics auto syncing between the moves. Default – 0
  • test_splitscreen: Log in and create split-screen according to the users. Default – 2
  • timer_resolution: The Windows timer resolution. Default – 9973
  • timescale: The timescale of per game. Default – 1
  • timestep: The timestep of per game. Default – 0.01666667
  • transition_command: Fade out and execute the command.
  • user_profile_copy: Copies the user profile name to another slot.
  • user_profile_delete: Delete a unique user profile which exists.
  • user_profile_main: Display the current user main profile.
  • user_profile_save: Saves the progress of the user’s profile in a slot.
  • vfxbudget_low_priority_cost_threshold: Default – 50
  • vfxbudget_medium_priority_cost_threshold: Default – 200
  • vfxbudget_particle_cost_bias: Default – 0
  • viewables_list: Displays all the list of the names of all viewable.
  • volume_master: Tune the master volume of the game. Default – 100
  • volume_msx: Tune the music volume of the game. Default – 100
  • volume_sfx: Tune the sound effects volume of the game. Default – 100
  • vsync_count: Default – 0
  • wait_ms: Difference between each frame. Default-1
  • window_mode: Set the display to the window mode. Default – Fullscreen
  • wwise_log_enabled: Wwise logging (Disable/Enable: 0/1). Default – 1