How to play Rex in Risk of Rain 2 | Scorched Acres


Rex, the latest survivor in Risk of Rain 2, launched today alongside the Scorched Acres update. The update released with a host of new items, achievements, and more for players to get their greedy hands on.

But how exactly do you play it? Rex is a new character, after all, with a ton of abilities that work well together, making the plant-robot hybrid one of the more advanced survivors in-game.

For starters, let us have a look at the survivor’s abilities, which includes:

Passive: Abilities apply WEAKEN, a debuff which reduces enemy armor, movement speed, and damage.

Primary Fire: Fires three syringes in quick succession. The third syringe applies WEAKEN and heals REX.

Secondary Fire: REX sacrifices its health to launch a seedpod mortar. Aims at a distant location and lands after a brief delay for colossal damage.

Mobility: Launches REX backward and shoves all nearby enemies away and applies WEAKEN to them.

Ultimate: REX sacrifices its health to fire a flower that PULLS all nearby enemies and ROOTS them.

With Rex, you mainly want to act as a support for your team. Your passive reduces enemy armor, giving Huntress and other attackers chances to take out enemies in no time while your Ultimate brings enemies together, allowing you to use your secondary fire ability like a mortar to rain down fire from above.

You can also use your Mobily move to keep hoards of enemies away from your team, supporting them from close up this time. Ideally, you want to combo your Mobility ability into your ultimate to group up as many foes as possible before pelting them with every ability imaginable to make the most of your kit

As most of your abilities sacrifice life, you need to prioritize items like SIphon and those that give you more health in the latter stages of the game. As such, teaming up with Engineer to use his shields to keep you alive longer, make for excellent team composition.

As a solo player, Rex can be hard to play and manage, and if you get bad items at the start of the game, it might be worth resetting, but he can still be fun to play as if played right.