Risk of Rain 2 Character Unlocks | How to unlock Rex


Part plant, part robot, Rex is the newest Survivor in Risk of Rain 2. He arrived with today’s Scorched Acres update and is the first completely original Survivor to make it into the game. He balances his self-healing mechanic with his abilities that cost health to do damage, making him a fun and demanding character to play.

The update has just launched, and we jumped straight into the game to see if we could figure out how to unlock him. This guide will be updated as we figure out more and more information, but for now, getting a new character Rex seems to be tied to one of the achievements.

How To Unlock Rex

How To Unlock Rex

As you can see, there is a new Achievement called Power Plant that wants us to repair the broken robot with the escape pod’s fuel array. It would seem we need to find the discarded Rex somewhere in the game, and fix him up somehow.

Risk of Rain 2 Fuel Array

As you can see in the image above, at the start of the game you can move around to the back of the escape pod, hit E to interact with it, and pull out the Fuel Array. It will then take the inventory slot usually used by your Equipment. As such, I don’t think you’ll be able to do this with Mul-T. It should be noted; there are other pieces of equipment in the game that also use the Fuel Array, so don’t waste it on them if you are trying to unlock Rex!

Now, you want to be very careful; if you take too much damage while carrying the Fuel Array it will explode and instantly kill you, so make sure to reduce the amount of damage you take as much as possible while on the way to the Abyssal Depths.

After that, you need to rotate into the Abyssal Depths, the level that is somewhat like hell, and you should be able to find Rex on the map. You might need to search high and low, and remember, those platforms on this level can be reached using the steam vents, so be sure to check up there. Put the Fuel Array into Rex when you find him, and he should be unlocked for you!

Adam has made up a video for anyone who would like a visual aid to help them along. Hopefully, you find it useful.

Rex Ability List

  • Passive: Abilities apply WEAKEN, a debuff which reduces enemy armor, movement speed, and damage.
  • Primary Fire: Fires three syringes in quick succession. The third syringe applies WEAKEN and heals REX.
  • Secondary Fire: REX sacrifices its health to launch a seedpod mortar. Aims at a distant location and lands after a brief delay for huge damage.
  • Mobility: Launches REX backward and shoves all nearby enemies away and applies WEAKEN to them.
  • Ultimate: REX sacrifices its health to fire a flower that PULLS all nearby enemies and ROOTS them.

And there you go, everything you need to know to unlock Rex and start using him in the game. We will have all kinds of Risk of Rain 2 content hitting the site today, so stay tuned for more guides.