Risk of Rain 2 – Secret Button Locations For The Hidden Aqueduct


Risk of Rain 2 is filled with secrets. One such secret is the large gate on the Hidden Aqueduct stage! If you want to open that gate and engage the two bosses that lurk behind it, you need to find the secret buttons!

Two buttons will randomly spawn in the level each time you load in, so it helps to know the locations they are likely to spawn in! Because I like this game so much, and try to be as helpful as possible to my fellow Survivors, I have assembled this guide of all the buttons I have found so far! I’ll update it as I find more.

Secret Button Locations On Hidden Aqueduct

Location 1

Secret Button Location

This one spawns in the area between the large area with the red rope and the large area with the tar pool and waterfall. It’s a waterfall made from tar, but I don’t know what else to call it. You can find the button behind one of the rocks that is right beside the wall.

Location 2

Secret Button Location

This one spawns right beside the tar pit. Just head for the tarfall (yes, we are going to settle on tarfall) and it will be nestled between a rock and the cave wall.

Location 3

Secret Button Location

You can find this one under the supports of the Aqueduct itself. There will be a large rock near the small bridge. If you are having trouble finding this location just pay close attention to that big group of trees, and the jutting cliff in the distance, they make good landmarks to help hunt it down.

Location 4

Secret Button Location

This one is very close to the tarfall as well. It is nestled between two rocks right at the bottom of the aqueduct support beside the pit.

Location 5

Secret Button Location

This one is almost directly against the wall. Head for the tarfall, then just move towards the back wall, across the path, and up the rise. It will be right there in a corner. Once again, I have tried to take the screenshot above in such a way as to make it pretty clear where this is in the level.

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