What does the Shrine of Order do in Risk of Rain 2?

Risk of Rain 2 is a game full of secrets and mysteries, and for a new player, nothing is more mysterious then each Shrine and Altar that can be found randomly dotted around the RNG worlds.

One of the more illusive Shrines that players can find at a chance is the Shrine of Order, a weird looking white shrine with one circle and two broken oval shapes around it. It’ll also help that it is called the “Shrine of Order” when you approach it or click it with the middle mouse button. But what does it do? You can’t just go about clicking it if you don’t know what it does— it could change anything!

Well, to save you the trouble in finding out, here is exactly what it does.

When you click on the Shrine, it’ll mix up all the items you currently have and change them to something different, usually all common items. You could have some of the best, most sought after items in the game but activate this shrine and you will lose everything for some random other items, ruining your build in the process. It is a double-edged sword Shrine as if you have terrible items, you might as well use it in hopes of getting something better.

The shrine also seems to mainly focus on giving you a lot of a single order, hence the “Shrine of Order” tags. We got 15 of one item and eight of another with a few singles when we first touched it. So do be careful if you go about seeking it yourself.

Granted, it is a rare spawn, so you’ll likely be going through the game for a while until you actually find one.