Roblox Apeirophobia codes (November 2022)

Use these codes to escape the horrors of infinity.

Image via Roblox Corporation

The rising casual-horror Roblox experience Apeirophobia has players facing the fear of infinity. Inspired by both the Backrooms and various SCP entities, this Roblox experience has players attempting to escape from seemingly-infinite levels while bizarre creatures trying to kill them.

If it sounds frightening, that’s because it very much is — not everything in Roblox is created with the intent of being a child-friendly experience. Using codes for Apeirophobia won’t necessarily guarantee your survival as you run from monsters for all eternity, but they can guarantee you look flashy doing it.

Active Apeirophobia codes

  • Currently there are no working codes for the game.

Expired Apeirophobia codes

  • 100kfavorites – Redeem for the ‘Cheerful’ title in-game

How to input codes in Apeirophobia

After launching the experience, players will initially be greeted with a menu. In this menu, players can create their lobby (with password protection available), shop for better equipment with Robux, and explore various in-game options such as the VHS sound effects. The final option in the menu is titled ‘CODES’ — click this to be taken to a menu to input all active codes.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After typing in an active code, hit the green button and you’ll see ‘Success’ on the screen. This will not inform players as to what has been granted, so pay attention to what you’re redeeming, especially if your inventory is already bursting at the seams.

Optional Apeirophobia buffs

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players can use Robux to purchase better equipment to help their odds of survival in the backrooms within this menu, prior to joining a lobby. The most helpful options within this are Metal Lungs, Olympic Runner, and Extra Lives, but note that the game can be cleared without purchasing any buffs on this screen.

Get a team together, communicate clearly, and try to escape the horrors of the backroom found in Roblox’s Apeirophobia with your sanity intact.