Roblox Bakon codes (January 2022)

Escape the Bakon in unquestionable style.

Roblox’s Bakon is a perfect horror game for those that want to outsmart the competition, but it’s not all about strategy. It offers a bunch of fashionable clothes and weapon skins that mainly go to those who’ve played awhile and earned enough Bacoins. Thankfully, there are a good bit of codes that give you free Bacoins and even some nice cosmetics.

How to enter codes in Bakon

Codes can be entered from the Twitter icon in the top-left corner of the game’s main menu. All of these are case-sensitive and will display your reward when entered correctly.

All active codes for Bakon

  • 5k3ch: Free Sk3tch knife
  • ThanksKev: Free Kev knife
  • StinkyRoman: Free Roman knife
  • Cleetus: Free Flamingo knife
  • Winter2020: Sweet winder knife