Roblox Boxing Simulator codes (February 2023)

Looking for some Gems or Strength?

Image via Roblox

There are several codes you can use in Roblox Boxing Simulator. These codes will give you the in-game currency that you can use on your character to make them stronger, giving you the chance to take on the next challenge. You will want to use in-game currency when you want to obtain specific items in-game and become stronger. Some of these Roblox Boxing Simulato codes could also increase your character’s strength. In this guide, we’re going to cover all Roblox Boxing Simulator codes and how to redeem them.

How to redeem Roblox Boxing Simulator codes

You will need to be playing Roblox Boxing Simulator to redeem any of these codes. You can do this when you first jump into the game. When you have the application on, look to the left side of your screen; there will be a blue Twitter icon under a stat bar icon. Click the blue Twitter icon, and a notification window will pop up. You can input all of the available codes to this location, and they will go directly to the account you are using. In our experience, none of these codes are case-sensitive.

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There is also an official Roblox Boxing Simulator Discord channel you can join. The developers created the server, and you can learn about any upcoming updates for the game, along with meeting with other players who regularly play the game.

All active Roblox Boxing Simulator codes

Here’s a look at all the active codes that can be used in Roblox Boxing Simulator:

  • 275klikes – Gems and Coins
  • Infinity – Gems and Coins
  • 85klikes – Gems and Coins
  • 10klikesGems, Coins, and Strength
  • 20klikesGems and Coins
  • 30klikesGems
  • 50klikesGems and Coins
  • 75klikesGems
  • 1mGems and Coins
  • power Gems and Strength
  • TradingGems
  • ksiwonGems and Strength
  • sub2cookieGems and Coins
  • sub2gamingdanGems and Coins
  • gravyGems and Coins
  • RazorFishGamingGems and Coins
  • gwkfamilyGems, Coins, and Strength
  • ReleaseHypeGems

It’s also important to note future codes will be added to the game, swapping out the ones we’ve posted above. You can discover those codes from three unique Twitter accounts: @MariusRBLX, @Celestial_Dev, and @0929lego. These accounts will regularly post about new codes. We recommend keeping track of them if you want to learn about any upcoming Roblox Boxing Simulator code when it first becomes available.