Roblox Combat Rift Codes (September 2021)

New working codes for Roblox Combat Rift.

Image via Roblox Corporation

Combat Rift is an exciting mode in Roblox where you can level up, discover rare weapons, and battle monsters. This mode is already adventurous and fun on its own, but it’s much better with extra gems and coins to help you along the way.

Before redeeming the Combat Rift codes below, remember that some codes are account-specific and might not work for everyone. Also, try to redeem them as soon as possible, as they expire after a certain amount of time. Here is the list of the latest codes available as of the publication date on this post.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Combat Rift

  1. Copy the redeem code from the list above.
  2. Open Roblox Combat Rift and click on the Settings button present on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click on it and paste the code there.
  4. Click on the Redeem button to claim the reward.

Working Codes

Image via Roblox Corporation
  • JulyEvent – Redeem for 3x Damage Boost
  • Apologies – Redeem for 3x Fireworks Boost
  • NinjaCaves – Redeem for a reward 
  • S3CRET – Redeem code for 50 Eternals
  • DUNGEON – Redeem for 70 Eternals
  • Update3 – Redeem for 200 gems
  • Update2 – Redeem code for 3x Gems boost
  • RELEASE – This code can be redeemed for 100 coins and 20 gems.
  • Update12 – Redeem code for lots of Boosts
  • Update11 – Redeem code for lots of Boosts
  • AlchemyEvent – Redeem for x3 Skulls boost
  • EXTINCTION – Redeem for x2 Luck Boost