Roblox Dealership Simulator codes (January 2022)

Driving lessons.

Roblox Dealership Simulator

In Roblox Dealership Simulator, you can build your own car dealership, your own vehicles, tune them up, and then explore the map with your friends. The game is already proving to be very popular with Roblox players, so people are on the hunt for any codes. Here, you can find active codes that will give you free car parts, along with some cash to get you started on your journey to becoming the No. 1 car dealership in Roblox.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Dealership Simulator

To redeem your codes, click on the Redeem button in the bottom right of the screen, type in the code, and this hit Enter.

Active Codes

  • 500KLikes – Redeem for 50K Cash
  • 450KLikes – Redeem for Cash 
  • SCARY – Redeem for 35K Cash 
  • Pumpkin – Redeem for 35K Cash
  • FOXZIE – Redeem this code for $5K
  • Tstingray – Redeem for $25K
  • Spooky – Redeem for $35K
  • 350KLikes – Redeem for $50K