Roblox Gorilla codes (November 2022)

Survive the gorilla attack with these codes for Roblox Gorilla.

Image via Roblox

The Roblox Gorilla adventure has you attempting to escape from the rampaging Gorilla. If you want to survive this ordeal, you will have to purchase traps and find ways to escape this enormous animal. To do this, you’ll need money to buy these items and increase your chances of survival. We have a few codes available that should provide you with assistance. These are some of the best codes for Roblox Gorilla.

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How to enter codes in Gorilla

Look for the “Codes” button on the right side of your screen and click it. Enter whichever code you want into the window that comes up and press “Submit.” We recommend attempting to write out the code exactly the way you see it. If you encounter errors, make sure you enter the code using the correct capitalization, as these might be case-sensitive. Also, by inputting all of the letters as capitals, or lowercase, the code might not work correctly on your side. If you continue to have problems with a code, it’s likely the offer is no longer available, and you may need to try one of the other available codes to add the rewards to your account.

If you’re keen to keep up with the developer of the game, you can check out and follow their Twitter page @TheAntiael. The developer has directly posted codes and held competitions for players to earn various rewards on their page.

Active Roblox Gorilla codes

  • 25kLikes – get coins
  • 15kLikes – get coins
  • 5kLikes – get 1,000 coins
  • 1kLikes – get 250 coins
  • Gorilla – get 250 coins

We do not know how many of these codes will continue to work after a particular time. We’ll do our best to place any expired codes in the lower section below, and we highly recommend anyone input the above codes as quickly as possible before they disappear.

Expired Codes

  • Antiael – get the Antiael Gorilla

We’ll regularly update this code page to include new offers for everyone to receive. Outwitting the Gorilla takes skill, guile, and enough coins to make sure you have a vast arsenal of tools.