Roblox Munching Masters codes (September 2021)

How much have you eaten?

For those who want to do nothing but eat, Roblox Munching Masters is all about devouring your way to the top. Can you eat the most food and become the fattest person in the game? You have to compete against the other players as you make your way through the game, devouring any type of food you can find, eating as much as possible. Eating is the only thing you can do to reach the number one spot.

How to redeem Roblox Munching Masters codes

To redeem any of the active codes you want to use in Roblox Munching Masters, you need to log into the game. You need to click the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen to redeem them. Click the enter code screen in the pop-up that appears, and choose the code you want to use.

All active codes

  • 2m -150 bits
  • 50m – 300 bits
  • BARO – 300 bits
  • hungry – 150 bits
  • release – 150 bits
  • scotty – 300 bits
  • tofuu – 300 bits