Roblox Naruto RPG Beyond codes (November 2020)

Become the ultimate ninja with these codes for Roblox Naruto RPG Beyond.

Naruto RPG Beyond is an open-world RPG where you create your own character and take them on an adventure of your choosing. You encounter other players and keep building yourself up with new abilities, equipment, and more.

If you want to help boost that leveling process up, you can use these codes here to help give you a bump.

Naruto RPG Beyond codes

  • beyond:re!: get 20 tries or spins.
  • Cheese4Dayz!: get 15 tries or spins.
  • CarebareBros!: get 15 tries or spins. 
  • pikapikachu!: get 15 tries or spins
  • GmMrespek!: get 15 tries or spins. 
  • loveuall!: get 50 tries or spins
  • MiteWatchBoruto!: get 20 tries or spins
  • BorutoGood?!: get 20 tries or spins
  • ThankU4SupportingMe!: get 50 tries or spins
  • ShinobiLife2!: get 20 tries or spins.
  • SL2!: get 20 tries or spins.
  • DontSleepOnBeyond!: get 50 tries or spins.

How to enter codes in Naruto RPG Beyond

To enter codes, head to the main menu and click on “Customize”. Then you will click on the “KG” tab and click on “Enter code”. Type in the code you want and enter an exclamation point to redeem it.