Roblox Notoriety codes (October 2021)

Nab your score with these codes for Roblox Notoriety.

Trying to pull off the perfect heist with your friends is no easy task. Roblox Notoriety is all about equipping your character with the best equipment and weapons to make it happen, from small-scale robberies to full-on heist jobs.

This first-person game is all about getting that money so here are some codes to help give you some, and more:

How to enter codes in Roblox Notoriety

For entering codes, head to the store area and look at the bottom of your screen for the “Twitter Codes” option. Open that and enter one of the codes into the text box. Just hit “Redeem” and the rewards are yours.

Roblox Notoriety codes

  • hotsauce – get the Top Secret badge
  • next – get $100,000 cash
  • d4rkn1njarx – get $500,000 cash
  • whatadeal – get $600,000 cash
  • medic – get one Extreme difficulty Blood Money contract
  • ninja – get one Nightmare difficulty Shadow Raid contract
  • favorite – get one Extreme difficulty Golden Mask Casino contract
  • bigbank – get one Extreme difficulty Brick Bank contract
  • banksy – get one Nightmare difficulty Downtown Bank contract
  • test – get a Cardboard Safe
  • 100m – get 3 Ruby Safes
  • shinysafe – get one Diamond Safe
  • hellodarkness – get one Normal difficulty Shadow Raid contract
  • downtown – get one Normal difficulty Downtown Bank contract
  • gunupdate – get 2 Diamond Safes
  • nighttime – get one Nightmare difficulty cook off contract
  • onehundredk – get $100,000 cash