The 10 best Roblox third person shooters

Top-tier games with quality views.

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Those who prefer great third-person shooters will be hard pressed to discover one inside of Roblox. It’s not that there’s a lack of quality in the sub genre, but the platform’s Discover page does tend to overshadow it with a majority of first-person games. So, in order to save you hours of digging, here are 10 third-person shooters that are well worth giving a try.

Battleship Battle

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One of the more simplistic, yet addicting shooters you should jump into is Battleship Battle. In a battle set out at sea, two teams are challenged with destroying the other’s ship before their own sinks. However, the game’s biggest draw is that players will have to earn eliminations and points in order to obtain more damaging weapons and even bare essentials, like grenades and a mini-map.

Bed Wars

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With over 3.4 billion page views and thousands of concurrent players, it may not be a stretch to call Bed Wars the most popular sci-fi shooter on the platform. The game offers a diverse set of modes, but its most popular features a Deathmatch mode with Minecraft-inspired mechanics that can lead you to countless weapons. The title is also updated on a regular basis with new Battle Passes and cosmetics for you to make progress toward.

Combat Warriors

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The lone third-person shooter that is bound to appear on the Discover page everyday is Combat Warriors. Despite debuting in 2019, the game has recently skyrocketed in popularity with it now carrying over 75 million page visits. It revolves around a Free-For-All mode in which players will need to fight their way to better weapons, Emotes, and elimination effects. Though, there’s also an option to join a clan, allowing you to team up with friends and make the grind much easier.


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One of the newest shooters on the platform is Criminality. The title tasks players with parading around its gargantuan-sized map and attacking others for more cash and weapons. It sounds incredibly simple, but those who’ve found themselves with the most cash in a lobby should prepare to be flanked by handfuls of other players. Luckily, Criminality also lets you invite friends for added protection and a less stressful experience.

Island Royale

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Looking for a battle royale, but with Roblox’s classic character design? You may want to turn your attention to Island Royale. The title bears squad and solo matches, round-based team fights, and of course, building mechanics that are relatively easy to master. However, unlike other battle royales, the game even allows players to unlock skins, hats, and gliders just by performing well and earning its dedicated currency.


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There’s no question that Roblox’s Jailbreak has redefined itself as the Gran Theft Auto of the platform. As its name suggests, players can take up the role of inmates looking to escape a massive prison, and the player-controlled police who watch over it. Its map is much larger than you think. It offers more than five named locations, including a racetrack, volcano, and city to explore. Those succeeding in their role can then earn enough cash for new cars, weapons, and several other useful tools.

Naval Warfare

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Although you won’t find a Battle Pass or a variety of game modes inside, Naval Warfare is a high-adrenaline war simulator that pits two teams against each other in open seas. However, compared to Battleship Battle, players can expect to get into heated fire fights on various islands, freighters, and bases. Additionally, each match can take just a little more than an hour, making each battle won highly rewarding.

Military Tycoon

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Those hunting for a third-person shooter that allows you and your friends to go head-to-head should certainly give Military Tycoon a chance. The title is centered around having players essentially rebuild an entire country’s army while also having to defend against over 40 others. The more damage done and progress made to your base can eventually lead to you owning numerous planes, AI soldiers, and one gigantic base.


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Most Roblox games seemingly have dull color palettes and an unoriginal design, ultimately making them indistinguishable. Strucid is a battle royale that shakes it up with character and skin designs all its own and even features a bright map with several diverse locations to run into. Speaking of skins, it is also one of few titles that allows players obtain cosmetics just by playing the game. Better yet, if you’re burnt out on battle royales, Strucid also includes Free-For-All and Team Zone modes.

War Simulator

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We cannot recommend War Simulator enough for its original gameplay formula. The game works as a shooter with linear levels set in various wars throughout history. It only offers cooperative multiplayer, but you will certainly need some friends to prevail against each stage’s ruthless AI opponents. It also comes packaged with a currency system that gifts dozens of cosmetics and weapons for those capable of taking out all enemies on a given battlefield.