Roblox Power Simulator codes (January 2022)

Go to the light or dark side with added strength.

Whether you’re a hero or a villain in Power Simulator, you’ll only be a respectable fighter once you’ve upgraded your endurance and agility. This can be done with coins, but it can be a long climb until you earn a respectable amount. This can be avoided with secret code offers, and there’s definitely enough to change your fighting results.

How to enter codes in Power Simulator

All codes can be redeemed through the Twitter icon on the left side of the in-game menu. None of the codes are case-sensitive.

All active codes

Every code entered will add 150 tokens to your current total. Players are free to redeem as many as they’d like, but the same code cannot be entered twice any point with the same character.

  • 100M
  • Sub2Tofuu
  • Sub2Rexex
  • Sub2robzi
  • scotty
  • Dvyz
  • Sub2razorfishgaming
  • Sub2Russo
  • Sub2Poke
  • Sub2Seniac
  • Sub2NikTac
  • Sub2gravycatman
  • Tokenmaster
  • Sub2Bandites
  • Sub2Flamingo
  • Sub2Rainway
  • Sub2TanqR
  • Sub2Telanthric
  • Sly
  • Sub2IntelPlayz
  • Sub2Cookie
  • Villian
  • 15M
  • Jersit04
  • 35M
  • FreeTokens
  • 100kLikes
  • Robots
  • Jersit04
  • Tidemaster
  • Baro
  • Petcave
  • TokenLife
  • Surge
  • Sub2jojocrafthp
  • Sub2DeildPlays
  • Sub2magikarpfilms
  • Sub2azend
  • Sub2Rektway