Roblox Prison Tycoon codes (November 2022)

Obtain the best defense at no price.

Image via Roblox

You can call it a tycoon game or even a tower defense, but either way, you will need lots of in-game cash in Roblox Prison Tycoon. While you may desire to expand your building, buying weapons and defending your prison from invaders might be better. This guide contains a list of Roblox Prison Tycoon codes that will give you a leg up to help you run the best prison in Roblox history. You’ll still need to put in some work, just not as much.

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All working Roblox Prison Tycoon codes

This list contains every code we know to be working in Roblox Prison Tycoon. Read on below to learn how to redeem these codes in-game and claim the rewards for your account.

  • GIFT — Redeem for 200k cash (New)
  • MUNEH – $300,000
  • FREEZERAY – $100,000
  • LASER $100,000

All expired Roblox Prison Tycoon codes

At the time of writing, there are no expired codes for Roblox Prison Tycoon. When we discover any expired codes, we’ll add them to a list under this heading.

How to get more Roblox Prison Tycoon codes

Roblox Prison Tycoon is still being updated as of March 2022, so there’s a good chance that the developer will share more codes for it in the future. The best place to check for this is the game’s Roblox page. This is where most codes and news about updates will be shared directly with players.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Prison Tycoon

To redeem codes in Roblox Prison Tycoon, you need to launch the game and click on the blue bird icon on the side of the screen. It looks a bit like the Twitter logo. This opens up a new window with a textbox in. You need to enter the codes above into the textbox and press return to redeem them. Do this with each code one at a time, and the rewards will be automatically applied to your account.