Roblox: Project Slayers – How To Get & Use Polar Elixir

Get everything you need for Project Slayers.

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Project Slayers is one of the many anime conversion projects out there for Roblox. So if you’re into both Demon Slayer and Roblox, the marriage of these concepts is a great time for you. Throughout Project Slayers, there are many different items and abilities that you can get to help you out throughout the main game.

In Project Slayers, you either play as a Slayer or a Demon, both of which use weapons to progress and fight. The Polar Elixir is an asset you may need if you want to upgrade any particular weapons as you progress. If you don’t know how to get your hands on a Polar Elixir or even use it in the first place, keep reading below, and we’ll have the solution for you.

What is Polar Elixir Used For in Project Slayers?

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Polar Elixir is one of the many items you can consume or use in Project Slayers. You can use it to double the Essence gained from Spider Lilies once consumed. If you want to use the Polar Elixir for upgrading, you can use it for Polar weapons, such as the Polar Fan, Polar Scythe, and Polar Katana. While you can’t find Polar Elixir in the game for free, you can buy it for your needs, whether as a consumable or as an upgrade piece.

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Project Slayers: How To Get Polar Elixir

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If you want to get some Polar Elixir, you’ll have to cough up some Robux. Unfortunately, finding the item isn’t how you get Polar Elixir. Instead, the item is available for purchase in Project Slayers’ store. If you want to get some, follow these instructions on how to buy them:

  1. Use the M key to open the menu.
  2. Click on the Shop icon.
  3. Find Polar Elixir on the list of items.
  4. Click on the Polar Elixir and buy it for 100 Robux. If you don’t have that kind of Robux cash, then you’ll need to get some first before purchasing.