Roblox Ragdoll Simulator 2 codes (November 2020)

Get the upper hand with these codes for Roblox Ragdoll Simulator 2.

Ragdoll physics have been a source of hilarity in gaming for a very long time, and Roblox takes advantage of that with Ragdoll Simulator 2, a game that has you playing as a ragdoll and fighting other players.

It isn’t easy to move around when you’re a ragdoll, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a miserable time in this game. With these codes, you can make the experience even better.

Roblox Ragdoll Simulator 2 codes

  • PVP_UPDATE – get 52,000 credits
  • YUMMY – get a Burger power-up
  • BONE – get a Dog Pet

How to enter codes in Ragdoll Simulator 2

Just look on the left side of your screen for the button that says “Codes”. Just open that up, enter the code into the text box, and hit “Redeem”.