Roblox Texting Simulator codes (October 2021)

The quickest way to earn new pets, devices, and watches.

The Roblox Texting Simulator is one of those user-created worlds that’s success has shocked us. It is what it sounds like, whether for good or bad, but its marketplace is actually quite interesting. Inside, there are incredibly rare phones, tablets, and accessories to go with them. Though, they are disturbingly expensive – unless you have codes.

Codes in the game will grant you cash and other rewards that’ll help you receive new tech. So, to save you some time, here are all of the active codes and their rewards available so far.

How to enter the codes

Like most worlds, you can enter the codes by clicking on the Twitter or Heart icons in the top-left corner, and from there, you can type in each one. Don’t forget to also use caps lock when needed for some of the words. Lastly, each of these rewards can only be granted once, so typing in the same code twice will not work here.

Roblox Texting Simulator codes

By entering these codes you will get you pile of bitoneum, money, and diamonds. Please note that codes are case-sensitive.

  • SoreThumbs
  • Wireless
  • Air
  • pods
  • LovelyHearts
  • beatsheadphones
  • gamingstation
  • RickyTheFishy
  • Instagram
  • Emoji
  • GrinningEmoji
  • TextingLord
  • rainbowpods
  • 100K
  • Spookytime
  • ephonepro
  • OnTheGram
  • Texter
  • GamePage
  • SpecialSurprise
  • Spookytime

Astro Portal Codes

There are three portals in the game that require six colored symbols to be entered in a specific order. Here is a list of the symbols for each portal.

  • Moon Portal – Pink, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, Green
  • Mars Portal – Blue, Pink, Orange, Black, Green, Yellow
  • Star Portal – Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Black, Orange