Rocket League codes (December 2020)

Get rare items with these codes.

Image via Psyonix.

Rocket League has a ton of fun cosmetics for everyone to enjoy. From sombreros to hamster wheels, Rocket League has it all. Thankfully there are a few ways to get some great cosmetics for free. Often, Psyonix will put hidden codes in trailers and promotional content for players to find. If you apply these codes, you instantly unlock a unique cosmetic for your car. This guide will highlight all of the working codes currently in Rocket League and how to activate them. These codes will work on any platform, including PC.

Rocket League codes

Each of these codes will grant you a cosmetic item when inputted. These don’t affect gameplay but will undoubtedly make your car more fashionable. Make sure you copy the codes accurately, as they are case-sensitive. These codes have all been tested and will work.

Working codes:

  • popcorn – Unlocks a limited edition popcorn Rocket Boost.
  • rlnitro – Unlocks “Nitro Circus” Antenna and “Breakout: Nitro Circus” Decal.

Expired codes:

  • ekind – Limited “VCR” topper
  • couchpotato – “Couch-Potato” player title.
  • truffleshuffle – Limited decal for Octane.
  • shazam – Limted decal for Octane & limited Wheels.
  • wwe18 – Unlocked 2 random WWE Wheels.
  • wrestlemania Unlocked 2 random WWE Banners / Antennas / Wheels.

How to activate the codes

  1. From the main menu, head over to Options.
  2. Select the Extras tab.
  3. Click on Redeem Code, then type the code into the box.

You may need to log out and back in again to get your rewards. Once everything has gone through, you will get a notification on your screen to equip your new items in the Garage.