Rogue build guide for Loop Hero

Become a master assassin.

Of Loop Hero’s three classes, the rogue is likely the one with the most damage potential. There are several reasons for this, but the most obvious is their ability to stack key attributes that make their enemies much weaker. If you’re looking for some tips to unlock the rogue’s full potential, check out our starter guide below.

Build the arsenal immediately

The arsenal is the first and most important step to building a loop-destroying rogue. Placing this building down gives you access to the amulet, which gives you a magic health bar that goes over your main bar.

This bar resets before each fight, so you essentially have two health bars. More importantly, it’s not affected by desert and dune tiles, which will become very important later. Once you have the arsenal up and running, it’s time to start looking at stats and traits.

Our favorite stats and traits

There’s more than one way to build a rogue. However, our build puts heavy reliance on staying alive and dealing massive, single-hit damage. Therefore, you’re going to want to stack evasion, vampirism, and crit chance. While the order isn’t important, we’ve listed them in the order we usually go. This selection gives you extra survivability while also improving your ability to chunk tons of damage in one swing.

Traits are a bit more random than stats, so it’s important to stay flexible. We try to target a few rogue-specific traits when we can, but the build doesn’t suffer too much if you can’t get them. Picky is one of the best traits regardless of the build because it gets better gear into your hand faster. We also love Old Scars if you can get it in the early game. It ups your max health when you receive trophies, so it stacks well out of the gate.

We also don’t mind taking Fuss, Lethal Weakness, and Master of Fencing. In various ways, these either help you stay alive or take down enemies quicker. Finally, if you’re just looking to farm materials, you can’t go wrong with Pickpocket. We don’t take it when we’re going after bosses, but it’s handy for resource runs.

Fill your map with desert and forest tiles

Here’s where the build fully comes together. If you put as many desert and forest tiles down on your map as possible, you’ll make yourself into an unkillable machine. The desert tiles take down everyone’s health but don’t affect your amulet’s magic health bar. So, your enemies are easier to kill while you stay the same. If you do take health bar damage, the forest tiles will heal you up quickly.

This deadly combination means that you’ll quickly start one-shotting enemies. We’ve had incredible success with the build and haven’t seen any reason to change things yet. If you’re looking to make your rogue into a killing machine, consider following some of our advice.