Rogue Company crossplay guide – how to add friends, link account, cross-progression

Everything you need to know about crossplay and cross progression in Rogue Company.

Rogue Company crossplay

Image by Hi-Rez Studios.

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Like all Hi-Rez games, Rogue Company features full crossplay functionality across PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Players can access their account on each platform and pick up where they left off, or join their friends on different consoles and play together. Here is everything you need to know about crossplay in Rogue Company.

Account linking

If you have Rogue Company installed on multiple platforms and want to link your accounts together, you can do it on the Hi-Rez account manager page. Once there, select what platform you are logging in from, and that’s it: the Rogue Company account on that platform is automatically associated with your global Hi-Rez account. The next time you log into Rogue Company on any platform, you would be accessing the same account and continuing your progression from there.

While in the account manager, you should also select which account you would like to store your progress. All unlocked cosmetics, achievements, and other progression items will be accessible on all linked platforms, regardless of which one you chose as your primary. However, Rogue Bucks currency purchased from the in-game store is not added up and can only be used on the platform you made the purchase.

There is one final thing to consider. If you had already installed and played Rogue Company on different platforms before linking the accounts, your progression will not be merged and will remain specific to each account. Once you have linked your accounts and picked a primary account, progress will continue there, regardless of which platform you play. The other accounts will remain inactive unless you choose to return to them at a later time.

Social features

Once your accounts are linked, your friends lists will be automatically merged, and you will be able to contact and play with everyone regardless of their platform. Even though on PC Rogue Company is exclusively available through the Epic Games Store, your Steam friends will be imported too, as long as you all have your Hi-Rez accounts linked.

To find your friends, access the Social tab, which is just below your nameplate in the upper right corner of the Rogue Company home screen.

Disabling crossplay

Rogue Company is crossplay-enabled by default, and there is no way to turn it off at the moment. Players on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC get put in the same matchmaking pool, which naturally may put some players at a disadvantage. There is no word yet on whether the system takes into account input method or other factors to balance matchmaking, and Hi-Rez has not confirmed when crossplay will be made optional, if ever.