Rollerdrome full achievements and trophies list

These trophies may be challenging for some players.

Image via Roll7

Rollerdrome is an action-focused shooter developed by Roll7, the same studio behind the successful skateboarding game OlliOlli. Rollerdrome takes place in the not-too-distant future and centers on shooting while rollerblading across a variety of levels. The game received praise for its solid presentation, but some of the trophies and achievements for the game can be very difficult to accomplish. Rollerdrome is currently only available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam.

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List of trophies in Rollerdrome

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Players can earn up to 22 trophies in Rollerdrome. Most trophies require you to accomplish tasks and successfully pull off combos. Other modes in the game exist besides the campaign, like the unlockable “Out For Blood” mode that tests your skill and agility. You do earn trophies for playing through the campaign, so we recommend you go through the campaign and try earning all the other trophies while playing through the story. Some trophies will be hard to achieve; one trophy demands you gain more than 3 million points in a single combo.

The following table includes all of Rollerblade’s available trophies on the PlayStation.

Warming UpPlay through and finish the Entry TestsBronze
DebuteFinish your first MatchBronze
Quarter FinalistsReach the QuartersSilver
Semi FinalistReach the SemisSilver
FinalistReach the FinalGold
ChampionComplete the main CampaignGold
UntouchableFinish a Match without taking any damageBronze
Half WayComplete 50% of the Challenges in the main CampaignSilver
CompletionistComplete 100% of the Challenges in the main CampaignGold
KillstreakFinish a Match in a single ComboSilver
One for the Record BooksPerform a single Combo worth more than 3,000,000Silver
Welcome to RollerdromeFinish a Match in the Out For Blood CampaignGold
All in a Day’s WorkFinish every Match in the Out For Blood CampaignGold
Glutton for PunishmentComplete 100% of the Challenges in the Out For Blood CampaignGold
Never OutgunnedBeat the Spider Tank Mk. I without taking any damageGold
Two BirdsEliminate 2 House Players with a single Z-11 shotBronze
Three’s a CrowdEliminate 3 House Players with a single GrenadeBronze
SluggerFinish a level using only Slug ShotsBronze
Ready for AnythingComplete every Tutorial exerciseSilver
Every Trick in the BookPerform every Grab Trick in a single MatchSilver
Strike A PosePerform every Grind in a single MatchSilver
I Am Kara HassanObtain every other Trophy in the gamePlatinum