RTX GeForce 3080 benchmarks roundup

Is it everything you hoped for?

RTX 3080

Image via Nvidia

With the new RTX GeForce 3080 hitting your preferred GPU retailers on September 17, quite a few benchmarking videos have just gone live. We will be rounding up as many as we can find to get them all in one place. Some of our favorite channels (hello, Gamers Nexus) have done very in-depth videos, but there are a lot of different sources to choose from.

If you are planning on purchasing a 3080, we would suggest watch as many videos as you can, reading as many text reviews as you can find, and studying the benchmarks carefully. Remember, if benchmarks are not done on identical systems between two cards, where the only difference is the GPU being used, it is hard to take those benchmark seriously.

We will keep updating the below list as more videos, articles, and benchmarks become available.

Gamers Nexus



Greg Salazar

Linus Tech Tips

Hardware Canucks

Digital Foundry

If you would prefer a text version, you can read Digital Foundry’s review over on Eurogamer.

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