Runescape Archaeology skill guide and tips

Get the top rank in Archaeology with our guide for Runescape.

Archaeology was one of the biggest updates to come to Runescape in recent memory, bringing excavation and restoration of artifacts to the game.

There are 120 levels for Archaeology that you can rank up through and become a master of the skill. Now, 120 can sound like a lot to get through, and it is, but we have a guide here that can help make the entire experience so much easier and quicker.

Dig sites

There are five dig sites you can go to for the work:

  • Kharid-et (level 5)
  • Infernal Source (level 20)
  • Everlight (level 42)
  • Stormguard Citadel (level 70)
  • Warforge (level 76)

Each dig site has its own excavation hotspots, research, and plots for you to dig in. If you want to be the most efficient when working on Archaeology, then follow these steps:

  1. Do the highest plot location available.
  2. Collect all the artifacts for collections before you move on.
  3. Speak with Guildmaster for qualification rewards.
  4. After reaching level 40, you will unlock researchers. You can send these out on missions. When they return, be sure to send them right back out so they will bring you more XP.


There are several items that you can use that will help you to level up as fast as possible:

Waterfiend Familiar

If you buy this item, you will give yourself a 5% chance to double your material gain and Artifacts gain. You can also make them after reaching level 68 in Archaeology.

Auto-Screener v1.080

You can unlock this after level 70 Archaeology after completing the associated Qualifications. This tool will automatically screen the dirt you are excavating.

Mattock Upgrades

You can purchase Mattock upgrades every ten levels, and you will want to make sure you do this if you can.

Elite Skilling/Skilling Outfit

These outfits will give you a very good boost in XP to keep your leveling going at a good pace, and the Elite version also gives you unlimited teleports to dig sites and collectors.

Archaeology guide

This guide will break down where you need to excavate and what levels you will be doing this. At each site, be sure you are doing every collection, research, and other activities that you can there to keep the XP gain at a maximum.

  • Levels 1-5: Varrock Digsite Tutorial
  • Levels 5-12: Venator Remains (Kharid-et)
  • Levels 12-17: Legionary Remains (Khardi-et)
  • Levels 17-20: Castra Debris (Kharid-et)
  • Levels 20-25: Lodge Bar Storage (Infernal Source)
  • Levels 25-29: Administratum Debris (Khadrid-et)
  • Levels 29-36: Cultist Footlocker (Infernal Source)
  • Levels 36-42: Sacrificial Altar (Infernal Source)

Assistant Qualification

You should have completed one mystery, one collection log, and excavated/repaired 25 artifacts, which means you have unlocked the Assistant Qualification. This will let you unlock the Researchers that you will want to send out on missions.

Levels 42-45: Prodomoi Remains (Everlight)
Levels 45-47: Dis Dungeon Debris (Infernal Source)
Levels 47-48: Praesidio Remains (Kharid-et)
Levels 48-51: Monoceroes Remains (Everlight)
Levels 51-56: Ampitheatre Debris (Everlight)
Levels 56-58: Ceramics Studio Debris (Everlight)
Levels 58-61: Carcerem Debris (Kharid-et)
Levels 61-65: Stadio Debris (Everlight)
Levels 65-68: Infernal Art (Infernal Source)
Levels 68-69: Shakroth Remains (Infernal Source)
Levels 69-70: Dominion Games Podium (Everlight)

Associate qualification

At this point, you will have done 24 hours of research, ten mysteries, and completed five logs, which will unlock the Associate Qualification. This gives you access to the Archaeology Outfit, Autoscreener, and more buffs with Exrael at the Archaeology Guild.

  • Levels 70-72: Ikovian Memorial (Stromguard)
  • Levels 72-74: Oikos Studio Debris (Everlight)
  • Levels 74-76: Kharid-et Chapel Debris (Kharid-et)

At this point, you will have unlocked Warforge. Before heading there, you will want to get the wingsuit from Keshik Ger Remains at Stormguard. This will help with traversal in Stormguard later on.

  • Levels 76-81: Gladiatorial Goblin Remains (Warforge)
  • Levels 81-83: Pontifex Remains (Kharid-et)

At Level 81, you can choose to boost yourself with Soil Tea, which nets you a +2 bump and brings you to Level 83. At this level, you can unearth the barrier in Warforge and open up the rest of the area.

  • Levels 83-84: Goblin Dorm Remains (Warforge)
  • Levels 84-85: Oikos Fishing Hut Remnants (Everlight)
  • Levels 85-86: Weapons Research (Stormguard)
  • Levels 86-89: Orcus Altar (Kharid-et)
  • Levels 89-91: Big High War God Shrine (Warforge)

Professor Qualification

At level 90, and with 500 artifacts, 15 mysteries, 20 collection logs, and 72 hours of research, you will unlock the Professor Qualification.

  • Levels 91-92: Gravitron Research (Stormguard)
  • Levels 92-93: Acroplois Debris (Everlight)
  • Levels 93-94: Amarium Debris (Kharid-et)
  • Levels 94-95: Yu’Buisk Animal Pen (Warforge)
  • Levels 95-97: Keshik Tower Debris (Stromguard)
  • Levels 97-98: Goblin Trainee Remains (Warforge)
  • Levels 98-99: Byzroth Remains (Infernal Source)
  • Levels 99-120: Restoring Artifacts & Completing Collections

The final stretch of the skill is really about completing artifacts and collections. By focusing on whichever ones you haven’t completed and the new ones that become available to you, you will earn the XP needed to keep ranking up. Just excavate where you can and keep grinding until you have reached that maximum level.