Where is Saint-14 in the Tower in Destiny 2?

Saint-14's Location Destiny 2

After you finish Completing an Impossible Task for Osiris in Destiny 2, you have to wonder where the greatest titan who has ever lived, Saint-14, is hiding? Many are eagerly waiting to give him his Dawning gift to celebrate the holidays.

For a time, you were unable to see him. But now you should be able to find him in the hanger.

Previously, some players were unable to see him, even if they completed the Completing an Impossible Task quest for Osiris. At the end of this quest, you save Saint-14 from his fate in time and bring him back out of it.

Many were under the impression this was a time-based event or he’d be coming out at the next reset, which is Dec. 24. But it seems he arrived out of the blue on Dec. 20.

At some point, players reportedly had seen a floating Perfect Paragon, Saint-14’s shotgun, in the hanger. It seems this has been in the game since the launch of Season of Dawn, Dec. 10, but many were not looking for it until they had officially saved the greatest titan. No, there’s no bug, and there’s no way to have him show up until Bungie is ready to have him in the game.

We had to be a bit patient and give Saint-14 his Dawning gift when he was ready to accept it. You can see him on the left side of the Tower in the hanger, on the other side of the soccer field.