Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice codes (March 2023)

Don your armor and fight the cosmos.

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Saint Seiya was a foundational anime for many fans, taking what would eventually make the Power Rangers so popular and giving it a mythological twist. There have been plenty of video games based on the property, including Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice. This mobile game sets players on a quest to stop the Master’s grand plans and save the goddess Athena.

To help get players on their journey, the developers of Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice have released codes that give freebies when redeemed in the game. These codes are often only available for a few weeks. Similar to games like Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars, you’ll want to be quick to redeem these codes if you want to stay ahead of other players.

All Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice codes

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice codes (Working)

These are the working codes for Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice.

  • WomensDay2023 — Reward: 1000 Gems, 10 Element Stones, 10 Summon Stones
  • CARNIVAL2023 — Reward: 258 Gems, 2 Summon Stones, 60 3-star Knight Fragments

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice codes (Expired)

These codes for Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice have unfortunately been removed from the game.

  • LanternFestival2023
  • HappyNewYear2023
  • Joyeuxnoel2022 
  • Xmas2022 
  • Poseidon1222 
  • seiya1201
  • Thanksgiving2022
  • Halloween2022
  • SeiyaGift
  • IKKIsgift
  • seiya999
  • seiya888
  • seiya1111
  • seiya2207
  • SaintseiyaBR0825
  • SaintseiyaFR0825
  • Saintseiya0825
  • hwsaint
  • Amixem
  • IKKIsgift
  • seiya2207
  • StoreFeature
  • Seiya2022
  • Seiya0712
  • JOJOYseiya5
  • JOJOYseiya4
  • JOJOYseiya3
  • JOJOYseiya2
  • JOJOYseiya1
  • CYRILmp4
  • OneWeekGift
  • MermaidDC
  • SeiyaOneMonth
  • ssloj521
  • legend0520
  • seiya0519
  • SaintSeiya1013
  • ssloj100days 
  • Halloween2022
  • seiya0923 
  • gratitude 
  • StrategyDC 
  • Saintseiya0825 
  • SaintseiyaBR0825 
  • SaintseiyaFR0825 
  • SaintseiyaBR 
  • SaintseiyaFR 
  • shun0909 
  • FactyKilianSeiya 
  • DC10001 
  • athena0901 
  • MangaTrash
  • DC10000
  • Poseidon0825 
  • VirgoShunDC
  • AiorosDC
  • SurveyReward
  • seiya1111
  • seiya888
  • seiya999
  • WankilFr
  • vcsabia
  • Sheshounet
  • Cocielo
  • Trash
  • TrashLive
  • MillionGift
  • SeiyaGift
  • Perience
  • hw001knight
  • Seiyajojoy

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How to redeem codes for Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

It is easy to redeem codes for Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice. First, you need to complete Level 1-12 to unlock the function. Then just follow these simple steps:

Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. Click on your character’s profile in the top left corner of the screen
  2. Open the Settings tab at the bottom of the menu
  3. Click on the Redeem Code button and enter the code in the text box that appears
  4. If you’ve done it correctly, the rewards will appear automatically in your account.

How to get more codes for Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

Like most other mobile games, Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice developers tend to put out new codes alongside content updates or major events. To keep informed about these new updates, you should be sure to follow the game’s official Facebook page. Also, be sure to subscribe to the game’s YouTube channel, where they have helpful character breakdowns and occasionally release new codes. Finally, you can join the game’s official Discord server to connect with other players and share codes when they are released.

Why aren’t my codes for Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice working?

The most common reason why codes for Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice won’t work is that they’ve expired. They are only intended to be used for a short period and are removed within a few weeks of being released. If you’re sure the code you’re trying to redeem is still valid, be sure that you have typed it correctly. The codes are case-sensitive, so the slightest typo can cause them to register as invalid in the game.

How to get more knights in Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

To bring more knights on your quest to save Athena, you’ll need to unlock the first missions of the game. Once you do, visit the Observatory in your home base, which can be accessed via the menu at the bottom of the screen. Once there, click on the Observatory, which will allow you to summon more knights to your cause via the game’s gacha mechanics.

What kind of game is Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice is based on the iconic anime Saint Seiya. Players build a team of knights, each imbued with the power of a constellation, as they attempt to stop the evil Master’s plan and protect the goddess Athena. Much of the action is handled automatically by the game, with fights able to be safely auto-run if you just want to let the game grind for resources for you. The main way players contribute is by summoning and positioning their knights in the correct formation to take advantage of their powerful team-up attacks.