Scarlet Nexus – Release date, gameplay, characters, and more

Same story, different perspectives.

Scarlet Nexus – Release date, gameplay, characters, and more

Scarlet Nexus is a cyberpunk JRPG set in a dystopia world that has an anime-inspired art style and is developed by the team behind the Tales titles. Here is everything you need to know about the game.

The game uses Unreal Engine 4, which is good news for action fans as the engine is particularly suited to smooth combat mechanics and third-person gameplay.

Release date

Scarlet Nexus will be releasing on June 25 on all platforms. After a bit of a wait for confirmation on the release date, the developers have committed to this date.


Scarlet Nexus has a unique combat system, which consists of flashy swordplay mingled with supernatural powers. By the looks of it, it looks like a perfect candidate for the hack and slash genre; however, the developer has emphasized the fact that the game is essentially an RPG and not an action game.

The protagonist has a unique ability called Brain Link, and players will be able to use the abilities of the party members with it. The party system plays a crucial role in the whole RPG aspect of the game, as each battle will be fought alongside them, and it will help players learn about the backstories of each character.

Combat is a mix of balancing defense and offense, with a lack of animation cancelling meaning that players will really need to commit to their chosen course of action.


Scarlet Nexus takes place in the future, where a strange life form named “Others” have invaded Earth and poses a threat to mankind. In the city of New Himuka, scientists have found a way to grant psychokinetic powers to people, and they form a team of warriors, named the “Other Suppression Force” (OSF), to take down Others.


Scarlet Nexus will have two playable protagonists, with even more characters being a part of the OSF in the game. The story will remain the same between the two characters; however, players will be able to experience it twice from each of the two characters’ viewpoints. Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall will be the two playable characters. The other characters in the OSF are named Gemma Garrison, Tsugumi Nazar, and Luka Travers.


Scarlet Nexus will be releasing on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Steam.