How To Earn A Score of 7000 Or Higher Using a Driver Wearing A Crown In Mario Kart Tour


It’s new challenge time in Mario Kart Tour. One of the challenges this week is to earn a score of 7000 or higher using a driver wearing a crown.

Mario Kart Tour – How To Earn A Score of 7000 Or Higher Using A Driver Wearing A Crown

First, you will need the correct driver, and thankfully there are lots of options when it comes to a driver wearing a crown:

  • King Boo
  • Peachette
  • King Boo (Luigi’s Mansion)
  • Daisy
  • Rosalina
  • Peach
  • Baby Rosalina
  • Baby Peach

Cheep Cheep Lagoon in the Peach Cup is an excellent course to do this on. It is a long race, with a vast amount of obstacles, jumps, items, and turns that you can easily use to rack up 7000 points. Pick the driver, kart, and glider combination that will give you the best possible points for each one, then be sure to do the following while racing. Just make sure the driver you use has a crown. The good news here is that Cheep Cheep Lagoon favors both Baby Peach and Rosalina, so if you have either of them, it’s even better. Shy Guy Bazaar R is another great race; once again, it is long and has excellent item placement for racking up high scores.

  • Having a higher driver, vehicle, or glider level
  • Hitting other drivers with items while playing
  • Collecting coins
  • Hitting a drift to get a boost
  • Preforming a jump boost
  • Finishing at a higher placement, such as first

The real trick is to build up the largest combo that you can, by threading lots of smaller actions like jumping, drifting, and using items and picking up coins. This will give you large multipliers, easily letting you hit that 7000 points mark. Also, it might take you just a few turns around the course to learn where everything is and how to get the best score. Just keep practicing until you break the 7000 score barrier.

If you don’t have any driver wearing a crown, you will need to either fire the pipe and hope for the best or wait until one shows up in the Daily Selects at the shop, then buy it with gold.