Sea Of Stars: All 4 Flimsy Hammer Locations

Meet the devs of Sea of Stars in the game by collecting all Flimsy Hammers.

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Even after fishing the game, Sea of Stars buries the most wholesome, and surprising easter eggs where you least expect it. One such easter egg is the Secret Dev Room, which can only be unlocked with all four Flimsy Hammers. This guide points you in the right direction to get all Flimsy Hammers to unlock the Secret Dev Room Easter Egg in Sea of Stars.

How to Get the First Flimsy Hammer in Sea of Stars

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The first Flimsy Hammer is awarded once you get the true ending.

Getting the true ending in Sea of Stars won’t be easy, as it takes a true completionist to conquer all of the main story’s challenges, recruit all the vital Mirth villagers, complete challenges like the Arena, Solstice Shrines and the Coliseum, and gather some rainbow conches. This will unlock one of the most heartwarming endings in RPG video games ever.

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How to Get the Second Flimsy Hammer in Sea of Stars

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The second Flimsy Hammer is earned after catching all fish species and speaking with the Master Fishman in Mirth.

There are 23 fish species in Sea of Stars, scattered all over the map from Sunglow Lake to Settler’s Rest. You don’t need to empty all lakes to get this achievement. Just fish each fish piece at least once. 

How to Get the Third Flimsy Hammer in Sea of Stars

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The third Flimsy Hammer is earned after defeating all Wheel champions. To become a Wheel Master, defeat the Wheels champions in the following locations:

  • Port Town of Brisk Tavern
  • Town of Lucent Inn
  • Stonemasons Outpost
  • Docarri Village
  • Mirth 
  • Mooncradle Village
  • Cloud Kingdom Wheels 
  • The Vespertine Wheels 
  • Repine
  • The Watchmaker

Keep in mind that Wheels isn’t a typical game in Serai’s World, so to unlock Wheels in Repine, bring a Wheels Table from your own world.

How to Get the Fourth Flimsy Hammer in Sea of Stars

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The fourth Flimsy Hammer is earned for getting all question packs and answering all questions correctly. There are 11 question packs scattered all over the map. To get the last Flimsy Hammer in Sea of Stars, you’ll need to source them all and correctly answer all the questions they contain. That’s a total of 112 questions, so good luck.

How to Unlock the Secret Dev Room Easter Egg

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Head to the Ancient Crypt in Settler’s Island with all four Flimsy Hammers. Once there, push the Broken Tomb down the ladder and break all the flimsy walls using the hammers.

A Shopkeeper will come out of the wardrobe, leaving open the door to enter the Secret Dev Room Easter. You have broken the fourth wall with Sea of Stars four Flimsy Hammers. It’s time to meet the lovely people behind the Sea of Stars.