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Sea of Stars – All Solstice Shrines Locations & Rewards

Solstice Shrine are extra challenge's players can do for more rewards in Sea of Stars, and this guide details where you can find them.

Sea of Stars is riddled with secrets and places for players to discover, including the Solstice Shrines. These special locations provide players with self-contained stories that offer additional rewards and content to enjoy during your adventure.

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However, some of these can be tricky to find and enter if you do not have the right equipment, so we’ve put together this guide with all the details on Solstice Shrines in Sea of Stars, including their locations and what rewards you earn from them.

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What Are Solstice Shrine in Sea of Stars?

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Solstice Shrines are small to medium-sized puzzles and challenges found in the world of Sea of Stars. These shrines are designed to be areas that will test players’ puzzle-solving, combat, and platforming skills, and provide helpful rewards like equipment for your troubles.

They are also rather tricky to get into or find, and it may be some time before you can enter or find your way to certain shirne, as the game will usually place them a points where you can complete them if you choose to.

All Solstice Shrines in Sea of Stars

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Below we have listed the locations and rewards of all the Solstice Shrines in Sea of Stars, and will update this guide with more specific, detailed guides as they become available.

LocationDescription Reward Image
Evermist Island ShrineThis shrine is a relatively simple block-pushing puzzle, that has you move a blue crystal block in a certain path, and use stone blocks to help block and direct its path.

Requires the Evermist Shrine Key, which is given to the player in Mirth by the Headmaster.
Reward – Soonrang Combo MoveSea_of_Star_Evermist_Solstice_Shrine
Wraith Island ShrineThis shrine involves using multiple pillar-like platforms and circle keys to shift and alter the shrine layout and reach the blue chest at the end.Main reward – Solstice Sash armor

Additional Loot – Shimmering Sword
Eastern Island ShrineThis shrine involves using the power to move the time of day to change certain elements of the puzzle.Reward – Heliacal EarringsSea_of_Stars_East_Shrine_Location
Western Island ShrineFor this shrine, you will need to move a large platform around the puzzle area by moving over the arrows on its surface, which needs to be done in a certain sequence to reach the buttons and the chest.Reward – Eclipse ArmorSea_of_Stars_Western_Shrine_Location
Serai’s World ShrineThis shrine will have you moving a couple of blocks around an area to create platforms, which lead to buttons that will slowly open up more ways to create platforms, and eventually lead you to the chest.Reward – Celestial RaySea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_Location

What Happens When You Complete All the Solstice Shrines in Sea of Stars?

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After beating all the Solstice Shrines in Sea of Stars, you will see a cutscene of the seal, which has appeared after clearing each shrine, being unlocked, and a portal will open. You will want to head to this portal, which is found on the mountain trail just below where you first meet the Elder Mist near the beginning of the game. When you enter and interact with the portal, the Elder Mist will ask if you want to take on the challenge, which can only be done by Vale and Zalere. Once you say yes, you will be taken to a dream-like world, where you will face a stronger version of the Elder Mist.

This time around, the fight is quite noticeably tougher. Not only does the boss hit harder, but it will use more moves that require lock breaking, and thanks to its counterattack sword, breaking any of these locks will trigger an attack against you. He also will heal frequently, making it a particularly long fight if you aren’t careful.

The moves this boss uses are as follows:

  • Sword Active: Counter Slash: An attack triggered when you damage the main body before disabling the sword arm.
  • Fist Smash: Standard single-target attack that deals moderate damage.
  • Healing Mist: A three-lock move that heals the Elder Mist, with it doing more healing when the Sword is active.
  • Torblado: A special attack with five locks that deals high damage to a single target.
  • Thunder: A three-lock attack that will hit all allies for moderate damage.

To beat this version of the Elder Mist, you’ll want to focus on survival since your smaller team and fewer opportunities to break locks means you will be taking some every hits from time to time. Because of this, stocking up on some party-healing items, and using abilities like Lunar Shield and the Mending Light Combo Move will be very helpful here.

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Additionally, there is a little trick that can allow you to damage the sword and main body without triggering the counterattack. If you use moves that deal splash damage, such as Sunball, and target the sword (which is shown by the solid finger pointing at the target) and have the bodies finger cursor flashing, this will allow you to damage both of these enemies, but without the counter from the sword. This also applies to Valere’s Cresent Moon move. However, any move that doesn’t have the blinking cursor on the body will trigger a counterattack.

Once you defeat this boss, you will be rewarded with the Sun blade for Zale, and the Moon Bo for Zalere. These are their most powerful weapons, so you won’t need to worry about upgrading them anymore, and they will be dealing the most damage possible. You also get the Elder Dissed trophy/achievement for your troubles.

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