Sea of Stars: How To Get the Map & Explore All Islands

Uncover all the secrets lurking in Sea of Stars’ surprisingly huge map and find out what each Island has to offer.

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Sea of Stars is an unexpectedly vast game with diverse regions to explore. Unlike many games that obscure the map until players have reached that destination, Sea of Stars lays it all out there as soon as the map is picked up.

However, with several islands populating this piece of paper and a brand-new ship, the thrill of adventure can be a bit daunting. This guide offers a complete rundown of every island on the Sea of Stars map and what adventure awaits there.

Sea of Stars: How to Open the Map

After booting up the game, it instantly becomes evident that there is no minimap in any of the top or bottom corners of the screen. Sea of Stars invites players to uncover its secrets unguided. Yet, a glimmer of hope shines: a complete map can be accessed after the story.

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After unlocking the Vespertine ship once the first Dweller has been defeated, players unlock the Map. With the Vespertine, players get a ghost captain companion named Hortence, who’ll gladly tag along in our journey after saving her ship.

All Islands in Sea of Stars’ Map

Evermist Island

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AppearanceArea NameDescription
MooncradleAt the peninsula of Evermist Island lies Mooncradle Village, where Solstice Warriors Valere and Zale grew up. This is also where Zenith Academy can be found.
Mountain TrailMountain Trail is a sunny and green location atop the Elder Mist Trials dungeon.
Forbidden CavernThe forbidden cavern is one of the first caves players can enter with Valere and Zale to fight against enemies.
Elder Mist Trial DungeonIn the Elder Mist Trial Dungeon, Solstice Warrior learns to “use magic without using magic” with Live Mana.

Sleeper Island

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AppearanceArea NameDescription
MoorlandsThe Moorlands is a peach-colored plateau through where the Stonemason’s Outpost is located.
Stonemasons OutpostMany mole people reside in Stonemasons Outpost, waiting for Valere and Zale to rid them of an evil wizard, Malkomud.
Coral CascadesCascades and geysers make for fun exploration in the Coral Cascades, allowing players to access the Port Town of Brisk.
Port Town of BriskA pirate city is bustling with new characters, treasures, and opportunities.
Abandoned Wizard’s LabThe Abandoned Wizard’s Lab is a dungeon. Here, the Solstice Warriors must retrieve the Coin of Undeath Accord to uphold their end of the deal with the pirates.

Wraith Island

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AppearanceArea NameDescription
Lucent TownA cloud of gloom and nostalgia hovers over Lucent Town and its residents. Can the Solstice Warriors lift the curse?
Cursed WoodsIn Cursed Woods, a bunch of zombies and a new, mysterious party member awaits.
Flooded GraveyardIn exchange for a Coin of Undeath Accord, a skeleton will ferry you to a new, creepy area where new powers can be unlocked.
Necromancer’s LairIn the Necromancer’s Lair, Romaya, the witch who cast a spell to doom Lucent Town, can be beaten.
Haunted MansionJoin the Headmaster, Eldrich, and Bugraves in a quest to solve epic puzzles and defeat the Dweller of Woe.

Watcher Island

AppearanceArea NameDescription
Jungle PathThe Jungle Path has palm trees, unrelenting water currents, and hidden treasure chests.
Docarria VillageA hidden village of underwater creatures, where Rainbow Conches take on a whole new importance.
Mossy CacheAn area that holds a puzzle to obtain the x.
Sacred GroveAt the end of the secret grove lies a mysterious, ancient being willing to join the party.
Torment PeakTorment Peak holds the Dweller of Torment, among other secrets and twists in Sea of Stars.
Glacial PeakIt is a chilling climbing experience full of puzzles and newfound powers.

Settler Island

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AppearanceArea NameDescription
MirthMirth is a city founded to welcome all and any survivors of the wreckage caused by the Dweller of Woe.
Sea_of_Stars_Inside_Crypt_ConchThe CryptThe Crypt is an underground graveyard to commemorate the legendary warriors supporting Sea of Star’s campaign.

Mesa Island

AppearanceArea NameDescription
Mesa HikeMesa Hike is where the Khukharr, one of those giants that teleport you all over the map, can be awakened.
Autumn HillsA charming area permanently fixed in Autumn. The fallen leaves decorate the environment and make for some interesting puzzles.
Songshroom MarshSongshroom Marsh is the perfect place for a witch to reside, and that’s precisely what you’ll find at the end: Yomara.
Clockwork CastleA castle full of puzzles where the Dweller of Strife awaits.

This guide is a work in progress and will be added to soon.