Sea of Stars: How to Unlock & Beat the The Dweller’s Fall Arena

Prove yourself worthy in battle by clearing all ranks of the Dweller’s Fall Arena in Sea of Stars.

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Sea of Stars wouldn’t dare call itself a traditional RPG without an arena-based minigame. That’s why right after defeating the main boss, the player can participate in the Dweller’s Fall Arena, which pits you against some of the most unlikely yet deadly groups of enemies in Sea of Stars. In fact, it even introduces some new and cleverly designed enemies too. Individually, they don’t pose much of a threat, but because they’re coming at you one after the other, it’s hard to keep up.

Here is what you need to know about how to unlock the Dweller’s Fall Arena in Sea of Stars, and some tips for each of the battles you’ll encounter.

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How to Unlock the Dweller’s Fall Arena in Sea of Stars

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Unlocking the Dweller’s Fall Arena in Sea of Stars is a breeze:

  1. Recruit B’st to your party in the late game.
  2. Once B’st is on board, heed their arena-related info and instructions at camp.
  3. Head to Brisk of Port Town once the main story is complete, including the showdown with the Fleshmancer.

This is crucial to get the true ending, so gear up your party for epic battles.

Sea of Stars: Dweller’s Fall Arena – Bronze Rank Boss Guide

In this rank, B’st brings Valere and Resh’an. The prize for completing the Bronze Rank is a Sapphire Ore.

Clawless Crab Crew

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  • Pink Crab (Croube): Heals all enemies
  • Green Crab (Croube): Heals all enemies
  • Middle Crab (Training Croube): hits all enemies with a colorful Spike Shower

Prioritizing the Croube’s on the sides is necessary since they have healing capabilities. However, you can target the middle crab with Resh’an’s regular attack, which also spreads damage to the sides.

Boom Bouncing Brothers

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These are regular Sowrers, which are not quite challenging to beat. Some healing might be in order, so Valere’s Lunar Shield might be helpful. They all have the same moveset and don’t complement each other in any way. This is a pretty easy fight, so as long as you look after your HP, you’ll walk out victorious in no time.

Gulgul Goof Group

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The Gulgul Goof Group includes two Lonzons on each side and a Gulgul in the center. Target any of the two Lonzons on the sides since the Gulgul will be damaging its allies, basically becoming one of you. Prioritize whichever Lonzon is charging up an attack to break it.

Sea of Stars: Dweller’s Fall Arena – Silver Rank Boss Guide

In this rank, B’st will bring Zale and Serai. The prize for completing the Silver Rank is a Sapphire Ingot.

Prickly Pirate Party

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This fight is against three Mateys: one Melee and two Ranged. Prioritize taking down the center Melee Matey first since she’ll be charging up her special attack and is prone to deal more damage. B’st’s Elbow Drop is excellent for breaking the enemies’ charged attacks since it deals both Blunt and Arcane damage.

Fancy Fencing Force

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The Fancy Fencing Force team comprises an Anointed, a Revenant, and a Grassassin. These three enemies deal unforgiving damage, especially if they execute their charged attacks. Your party is mainly offensive-focused, so this is an excellent time to pull out any prepped meals you might have and spam Zale’s Healing Light on any enemy with less than 15 HP. Doing your best to interrupt the charged attacks is a must to survive.

Clockwork Abomination

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As much as I love this enemy design (it’s got literal clock hands), beating the Clockwork Abomination is quite a feat. It’s breaking gauge gets shorter and more demanding each time, and it gets turn after turn without interruption. It’s almost like it’s manipulating time. Use skills cleverly to break them, and resort to Ultimates whenever available. The Clock Zombies can be ignored entirely if you’re halfway through the battle. Use skills with AoE or spread damage to take care of them without losing focus of the main enemy.

  • Regular attack: hits a character with its clock hands
  • Charged attack: summons two Clock Zombies.

Sea of Stars: Dweller’s Fall Arena – Gold Rank Boss Guide

In this rank, B’st brings Valere and Zale. The prize for completing Gold Rank is the Reaper’s Mercy accessory, unlocking the Special Rank arena level.

Big Buggy and Bad Bunnies

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Because Sling Rabbits damage all party members “moderately,” it’s better to target them first. Only shift focus when Big Buggy is charging up its heavy damage attack, which also targets all enemies from the ground. Valere and Zale have healing skills, but Valere’s Lunar Shield is much more effective for catching a breath after taking damage.

  • Big Buggy: deals damage to all allies with Tectonic.
  • Sling Rabbits: deals damage to all allies with Pebble Arc.

Basic Basement Batch

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The Basic Basement Batch comprises a Memofwizquard, a Scout, a Shroomy Shroomy Knight, and an Owlsassin. The evident setback is that you’re outnumbered; don’t be tempted to resort to Valere and Zale’s multi-target attacks

The best strategy here is to take them down individually to reduce the damage you’re receiving from them. Of course, breaking-charged attacks are a must. Still, there will be times when more than one enemy will be working their gauge simultaneously, so focus on timing blocks and using Valere as the permanent healer.


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The fight against Sylgain is not particularly difficult. Still, because the previous encounter might have devastated your party, keeping up the pace is brutal. Though his charged attacks won’t deal much damage, breaking his gauge is often impossible, leaving you with no option but to just take the damage and heal when possible.

  • Charged Attack: Deals heavy damage to one ally with Selapeleshot sur le jelakelestrap and Super Scout.

Sea of Stars: Dweller’s Fall Arena – Special Rank Boss Guide

There’s no party limit for this one, so anyone can come. The reward for completing the Special Rank is a cute companion for the Vespertine.


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Croustalion is a formidable enemy because his regular attack spawns two new enemies with charged attacks, too. It’s impossible to stop everyone’s attacks, which all deal party-wide damage. I recommend keeping a healer in the party to repair the damage after every turn and try to, at the very least, interrupt one of the two treasure’s charged attacks.

  • Regular attack: spawns a random treasure that attacks the party
  • Charged attack: deals party-wide damage with Kondo Throwdown