Sea of Stars: All Mountain Trail Chest & Secrets

Uncover every secret and chest location in Sea of Stars’ Mountain Trail area. The items and recipes hidden are critical to gameplay.

Mountain Trail all chest locations

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Sea of Stars’ maps brim with hidden surprises in every nook. Each corner reveals hidden caves, covert platforms, and undisclosed abilities. And let’s face it; if you’re not all in, you’ll overlook game-changers like treasure chests. Every area has a solid number of treasure chests scattered around. Some hold gold or ingredients, while others boast exclusive and rare loot.

It’s always worth it to keep your eyes peeled and look for these chests, but in case you missed some in the Mountain Trail, here is every Mountain Trail chest in Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars: Every Chest Location in the Mountain Trail

Here’s every chest I found in the Mountain Trail, as well as what goodies are contained inside. In this area, there’s also a fair share of ingredients to pick up for cooking in the wild, such as grain and berries.

Mountain Trail chests and secrets sea of stars (5)
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Basic ArmorWest to the entrance, in between some pine trees.
AbacusInside the cave to the Mountain Trail’s entrance west.
Chaudrée RecipeNear the waterfalls.
Shiny PearlInside the Elder Mist Trials dungeon.
Basic ArmorInside the Elder Mist Trials dungeon.
Mushroom Scramble RecipeInside the Elder Mist Trials dungeon.
2x Shiny PearlsCave to the Elder Mist Trial’s left.

Sea of Stars: All Mountain Trail Secrets

Open pink door in Mountain Trail sea of stars
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Atop the Mountain Trail lies the Elder Mist Trials, a dungeon that teaches players how to “use magic without using magic,” essentially introducing the concept of Live Mana in the game. This trial involves a series of exploration, combat, and knowledge puzzles, as well as a final showdown against the Elder Mist.

Below the Elder Mist Trials dungeon lies a pink door. When the main character interacts with it during their first visit to the Mountain Trail, they wonder what the door is for. The way to clear this door is through completing the Solstice Warrior shrines spread throughout the map. Each completed Solstice Warrior shrine will turn off one light in this pink door.