Sea of Stars Combat Basics – Combo Points, Live Mana, Lock Breaking & Timed Hits

A “how to stop dying” guide for Sea of Stars combat system, covering everything from Live Mana to Timed Hits.

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Sea of Stars is a turn-based adventure that lets you control your party’s fate in battle. Though the game follows some of the classic RPG tropes we have all come to love, hate, and expect, there are a couple of novel mechanics that might not seem clear at first. In the early game, the learning curve can be pretty steep, leading to gruesome combat and many, many game over screens.

This guide breaks down the basic combat mechanics for you and will get you on the right track to becoming a master in battle when it comes to Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars: HP, MP & Recovery

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HP measures survival, so keep your party members standing and the enemies at bay. Hit 0 HP, and the fallen party member will take a breather but bounce back with each turn, so keep an eye on their recovery.

The power behind Valere’s Moonerang or Zale’s Healing Light is MP. Each basic attack recharges 3 MP. 

Sea of Stars: Live Mana and Boosting, Explained

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MP isn’t the only way to use magic. After hitting an enemy with a regular, non-boosted attack, Live Mana will drop to the ground. Absorb the Live Mana to boost charges for amplified actions. Stack up to 3 boost charges, and keep them safe till you’re ready to shine.

Sea of Stars: Attack and Defense Types

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There are two types of attacks: magic attacks and physical attacks. Physical attacks are the regular slashes and staff hits. To use magic attacks, use MP to cast skills or Live Mana to boost attacks. 

In addition to attack types, each party member’s attack, whether magic or physical, is inflicted with additional damage, such as lunar, solar, or toxic.

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There are also two types of defense: magic and physical defense. Build magical defense to shield against the pain of magical attacks or physical defense to toughen up party members against physical strikes.

Sea of Stars: Combo Skills & Combo Points

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Combo skills unite party members to unleash an attack that blends their skills and deals epic damage. Using Combo skills requires CP, earned by breaking locks, getting timed hits and blocks, and taking turns.

Additional combo skills can be unlocked periodically as the game progresses, especially by completing Celestial Rune puzzles.

How Timed Hits and Timed Blocks Work in Sea of Stars

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To maximize damage and blocks, nail the timed hits mechanics. Hit “ACTION” right when your attacks land to deal double the damage. All attacks have different timing, so it takes time to learn the pace and rhythm of each.

Need to defend? Time your block perfectly to minimize damage. Each enemy attack has a different pace, too, so blocking might take some practice.

How to Lock Break Enemy Attacks in Sea of Stars

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An enemy’s incoming attack can be interrupted by striking with the right damage type before the red circle’s countdown ends to break their assault.

Remember that Live Mana, Combos, and Timed Hits help reach the break goal. Plus, many party members, like Garl and Serai, have moves that delay an enemy’s turn.