Sea of Stars: All Chest Locations in Coral Cascades

Find out where all the Sea of Stars’ secret treasure chests in the Coral Cascade are hiding – including Rainbow Conch shells.

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Sea of Stars’ Coral Cascades is as trippy as a video game map can get. As the name suggests, the map is plagued by cascades, but they’re not there just for decoration. The cascades and geysers help you traverse the area. Ride their flow downward or soar upwards using geysers.

Traversing the area is quite fun and dynamic, as it represents a complete change from what previous areas had to offer. However, finding out how to reach treasures gets quite frustrating. This guide covers how to find all treasure chest locations in the Coral Cascades.

Sea of Stars: Every Chest Location in the Coral Cascades

Most chests in the Coral Cascades are locked under the windmill mechanic. By triggering the windmills with the wind ability, a chest will appear. Keep looking for those green windmills all over the area.

Screenshot by Gamepur
AppearanceTreasureChest Location
Rainbow ConchDrop down to the lower platform and activate the windmill to the right.
2x Obsidian OreReach the second lower platform and activate the windmill next to the waterfall.
Rainbow ConchDrop down from the second lower platform to the third lower platform to break some rocks and reach this treasure.

Sea of Stars: All Secrets in the Coral Cascades

Despite its confusing design, there really aren’t many secrets hiding under the waters of the Coral Cascades. There are some interestingly designed enemies, though, such as a piranha that suddenly grows legs and arms when attacked.

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In the final platform of the Coral Cascades, there’s a Celestial Rune puzzle near a save point to the left. By solving it, players can unlock a secret combo skill: Bash Drop. When the area is fully explored, head to the right to head to the Port Town of Brisk, where a new treasure-hunting adventure awaits.