Sea of Stars: How to Complete Serai’s World Solstice Shrine

Solstice Shrines in Sea of Stars hold powerful items and are part of unlocking a late game challenge. This guide will tell you how to complete the Solstice Shrine on Senai’s World.


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Sea of Stars has several challenges and puzzles for players to undertake, including Solstice Shrines. These puzzles hold powerful items or moves that players can use in combat, making them more powerful and able to tackle the game’s many enemies and bosses.

The Solstice Shrine in Serai’s World later in the game is one of these shrines, and it can be a bit confusing to complete if you don’t figure out the unique quirk that its puzzles are based on.

In this guide, we will detail how to complete the Solstice Shrine in Serai’s World in Sea of Stars, with its location, and a step-by-step guide on how to complete its puzzle.

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Where to Find and How to Access Serai’s World Solstice Shrine

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In order to get to the Solstice Shrine in Serai’s World, you will need to have defeated the Dweller of Dread and unlocked the ability to fly, as the island where the shrine is located is inaccessible otherwise. You will unlock this ability right towards the end of the main game.

As for its location, the Solstice Shrine is found in the left corner area of the map in Serai’s World, which you can see in the image above.

How to Complete Serai’s World Solstice Shrine

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Completing this Solstice Shrine involves moving some blocks around that will create different pathways to reach buttons, all of which frees up your options for paths, and eventually lead you to the end of the Shrine.

The tricky part about this shrine is figuring out what paths you need to reach the different areas of the puzzles, so we have laid out the solutions step-by-step for you so you can see exactly what need to go where and complete the shrine.

Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_1Head up the stairs in front of you and you will see a button, press it, and the area below you will become accessible, which contains two blocks and some blue ghostly blocks that will block your normal blocks movement.
Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_2The blocks found in this area are used to create small platforms for you to walk across the large gap in the shrine, and as you move the blocks, the platforms will too. At this point, leave the blocks, head up the stairs again, and go left to find your first button.

This will remove the blue block on the bottom center of the block area
Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_3Head back to the blocks, and put one into the bottom right and another to the bottom center, go up the stairs.

Follow the new path, and press the button here, removing the top left blue block.
Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_4Head back to the blocks and move them so one is in the center-left, and another so it’s in the bottom-left.
Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_5Now, head up the stairs again and you will be able to head further up to another set of ledges to climb on the left side.

Press the button found here, and it will raise a stone-climbing wall on the right side of the puzzle area.
Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_6Move the blocks so one is in the bottom right, and another is bottom center.
Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_7Go onto the path, and use the Graplou to hook onto the wall and climb up to the button.
Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_8Press the button, and the center-top blue block will disappear from the block area.
Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_9Go back to the blocks, and move them so you have one in the top left corner and another directly below it.
Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_10Head to the left and up the rock climbing area that will now be here, and down the ledges to the path you made, follow it up to more ledges, and climb on up to the last button
Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_11Press the button, and a third normal block will spawn in the block area. Head back down to the blocks, and create an upside-down L in the top left corner of the area as shown.
Sea_of_Stars_Senai_Shrine_12Climb around the left again, and down the first set of ledges to the platforms. Follow them around, and they will bring you to the chest which contains the Celestial Ray Accessory.