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Sea of Stars: How to Complete the Sea of Nightmare Vespertine & Beat the Stormcaller

It's time to solve all the Sea of Nightmare puzzles, beat the Stormcaller and unlock the Vespertine ship in Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars’ pixel RPG world is not complete until a sailing ship is unlocked, and that’s the Vespertine for you. Alas, the game won’t just hand this massive method of transportation for free. The Vespertine is currently under the hands of both Melee Mateys, Ranged Mateys, and a legendary pirate named the Stormcaller. Oh, and there’s puzzles. Loads of puzzles.

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This guide covers how to complete the Sea of Nightmare, solve all puzzles to unlock the Vespertine, and defeat the Stormcaller.

Sea of Stars: Sea of Nightmare Complete Walkthrough

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To unlock the Vespertine, all three rays pointing toward the ship must be taken care of. The only way to do so is by sailing toward each island and breaking the four crystals inside with the graplou.

Sea of Stars: Complete the Orb Puzzle on the Southwest Island

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Destroying the four crystals in the southwest island is a bit more difficult since, to reach them, all six Cursed Doubloon orbs must be retrieved and placed in the stone pillar in the center. Luckily, these green orbs are on this very same island in the following locations:

East OrbThe first Cursed Doubloon is on a palm tree near some crates. Hit the palm tree with a crate, and the orb will drop down.
North OrbThe second Cursed Doubloon is past some hopping logs.
Northwest OrbThe third Cursed Doubloon is on an island with bridges. Use the tightrope to reach the upper platform and circle counterclockwise to reach the upper dock.
West OrbThe fourth Cursed Doubloon is on a lonely, deserted island.
Southwest OrbThe fifth Cursed Doubloon is on the left end of an island with Mateys.
Southeast OrbThe sixth Cursed Doubloon is surrounded by Mateys on an island southeast.

Once all the Cursed Doubloons have been collected, place them all in the stone pillar in the center. This will cause two massive stairs to spawn on both sides of the crystal device. All that’s left is to head up the staircases to the sides and use the graplou on all four crystals.

Sea of Stars: Complete the Break All Crystals on the Southeast Island

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To break the crystals in the northeast island, no orbs are necessary. The difficulty of this puzzle lies in being able to reach the crystals with the graplou to destroy them.

ImageCrystal LocationHow to Reach It
Northwest crystalTarget the crystal from the ledge northeast.
Northeast crystalTarget the crystal from the ledge northeast.
Southeast crystalActivate the lever located northwest to spawn a grappling log. Use the graplou to hang onto it and reach a new area. Kill the Mateys and destroy the crystal.
Southwest crystal
Activate the lever northeast to spawn a circular stone platform. Kill the Mateys in the area. Finally, use a wooden ledge to destroy.

Sea of Stars: Complete the Orb Puzzle on the North Island

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Climb the wooden plank to the north and then the one to the left.
Start by heading north and taking a left after reaching the end of the plank. Some Mateys will jump on you, so take care of them before proceeding.
Keep heading west, climb up a platform, and use the graplou to reach a platform to the right.
Then, climb the rope ladder and take care of some more Mateys.
Walk on the tightrope to reach the right area.
Finally, walk up the stairs and head south to find the four destroyable crystals. Use the graplou on them to clear this island in the Sea of Nightmares.

How to Beat the Stormcaller in Sea of Stars

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Once all the islands have been cleared, the Vespertine will be almost free. Before it’s yours, there’s a big bad guy that needs killing: The Stormcaller.

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The Stormcaller looks like a boss ripped right out of Pirates of the Caribbean. He’s badass and rides a huge, deadly water creature. Here’s a rundown of his moveset so you can plan your strategy:

  • Normal Attack: Double swing that damages 1 ally.
  • Charged Attack: Chain Lightning deals thunder damage to all enemies.
  • Charged Attack 2: Ruler of tides summons a beast that breathes fire on all allies.

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